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By kettlekev
Sorry, didnt mean to offend with the 'bug' comment. I fully appreciate this is a complex system, I work with software engineers so know how annoying that can be but I was running out of options and the hardware seemed fine.....

EDIT....and it did work momentarily on sequential but stopped when TPS was moved down and up again.......

My advice on running sequential was obviously wrong but I have tried all options now and still no signals......
By NickZ
the rounded edges are from a filtering capacitor on the Input pins if the speeduino board on the crank and cam inputs.
they will harm the signal if you run 60-2 at around 9000 RPM, nothing you need to worry about yet, ok for 36-1 as its around 18,000 rpm before problems (18,000 is a guess but higher than you'll get too).

you must have a CAM signal connected to run Sequential and don't leave the cam signal floating when in sequential as it may pick up noise and think its a valid signal and start running (may have happened before and why it worked for awhile)

if you have cam connected you are not getting a signal, stick you scope on pin 18 and see what is there.
By JHolland
You're putting a square wave signal into the VR conditioner, the filtering effect will be much less when you put in an actual VR signal. You might want to try reducing the input capacitance because you will get a gradually timing drift as rpm increases, how much will depend on your sensor and the caps you will need to test it.
By NickZ
ive answered your other post also (bugs/issues). But the reason you can't get it working is you have Injectors on sequential as well and it will never sync without a CAM signal
change them to paired or semi.
Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 7.42.07 pm.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 7.42.07 pm.png (98.78 KiB) Viewed 410 times
By kettlekev

Brilliant thanks.

Changing the injector layout sorted the recognising RPM issue with crank only trigger.

When I started all this I looked at Micro/Megasquirts but was turned off them because they could handle a 3 cylinder 2 stroke with firing 120 degrees apart.

Some of the forum guys suggested Speeduino could handle independent channel timing but unless I am still misunderstanding (which is likely), I cant see a way to get 3 separate channels even though engine constants allows me to enter a 3 cylinder 2 stroke setup?

Is semi-sequential injector and wasted COP ignition the setup for this?

Appreciate the help, I am two years into this race bike build and this is the last hurdle......

EDIT...bit more digging and maybe I have it? Is this correct? The only weird thing is I have 4 ignition channels (as far as the lights are concerned) now and 3 injectors ??
injectors.PNG (31.17 KiB) Viewed 402 times
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By kettlekev
I found an interesting sequence...

1. Spark settings set to wasted COP - 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 ignition circuits fire as expected
2. Change setting to sequential, burn then do power reset - no ignition (because no cam signal)
3. Change back to wasted COP and BURN (no power reset) - 3 ignition circuits firing 1,2,3 which is what I need BUT power reset sets it back to 1&3 and 2&4 (normal wasted COP).
4. Injector layout is semi-sequential which works fine for 3 injectors, 120 degrees apart.

Seems like it is possible to almost get a 3 cylinder sequence.......
36-3 (ish) trigger wheel

Thanks again.

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