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By kettlekev
I have obviously been a good boy this year and now have a new V4 Speeduino and a Speedy sim.

Any way there are absolutely no instructions on firmware or wiring with the kit so I started digging around the forum and web.

There is one reference I can find showing where to find a Serial UI library which I have loaded and another for the code to run the speedysim (its the one from DIY-EFI with the Nano on board).

Anyway when I load the code in the Arduino IDE it give lots of errors (item not declared in scope etc.) and wont load.

So my questions are;

Is there a latest set of library and firmware codes?
Is there any form of user instruction for the software?
Is there any wiring info?

Apologies if I have missed this all somewhere in the forum.

By kettlekev
Some progress.

I found a new set of firmware that is library independent at;


It doesnt download as a Zip (although it says it is) and when I load it and try to complie I get ...

ardustim:22:10: fatal error: defines.h: No such file or directory
#include "defines.h"
compilation terminated.
exit status 1
defines.h: No such file or directory

In the src subfolder there is a defines.h but for some reason the code cant find it??

The folder structure is;
folders.PNG (28.98 KiB) Viewed 748 times

with srdustim.ino in the ardustim folder
By Jama

I'm James of DIY-EFI.
Documentation for the speedysim has been on my to-do list for far too long.
I'm hoping to get some out with a video early this coming year.

You are in the right place with the second post.
If you download the latest version of the Speeduino fork or ardustim.
You can upload the code and then control it from it as well.

You can just download the exe if you are on windows.
https://github.com/speeduino/Ardu-Stim/ ... /tag/0.0.4

It should have shipped with that on and the default wheel as 36-1
By moonie223
Arduino is very, very stupid. The IDE I mean, practically worthless.

If the sketch you open is not in a particularly named folder it will freak out and put it in one. It's not smart enough to grab all the other necessary files at that time.

You now need to move all those other files (ending in .h and .ino and .cpp) into the arduinostim folder it made. It should compile then.

The github should probably be updated to follow this folder structure if they are going to recommend using arduino IDE to compile it.
By kettlekev

Thanks for the pointer.

I went to the link and downloaded the EXE. When I try to run it even as an administrator it just does the 'spinny wheel of death' and doesn't open.

Moonie223 thanks for the other tip I have it compiling now.

If I open task manager I cant even see the EXE trying to run.

EDIT. The EXE runs now (anti-virus problem), jut when I select the right port again it just sits there with the spinning wheel....

2nd EDIT. If I just go straight to Upload firmware THEN it will allow a connection and update the src code THEN i can press Connect and the menu's are functional.

So all good on the EXE.

Just need to get my head around wiring, I am using the VR Crank conditioning board and want to make sure I dont need to anything special with the Sim to use it???

Thanks guys...
By kettlekev
More progress comments. James hopefully this will help you/others?

The board assembles into a V4 Speeduino this way round.
speedysim.jpg (487.51 KiB) Viewed 682 times
1. The connector on the Sim is smaller in size compared to the Speeduino one and it is easy to jump a pin pair. Be careful how you place it.
2. For me to get the sim to be recognised by the UI EXE file https://github.com/speeduino/Ardu-Stim , I had to select the right port and then go straight to Firmware update BEFORE connecting. It wouldnt just connect. Once updated it will connect and then you can see the crank wheel displays and the TPS control works. However my crank wheel display (scope option) only shows the trigger pattern and not the ignition fire (blue line at bottom).
3. Having connected up the speeduino as well and started Tuner studio I can see the TPS speedy sim control working.
tuner studio.PNG
tuner studio.PNG (285.73 KiB) Viewed 682 times
, but I dont have a RPM display. I am running Alpha N and assumed the TPS control pot on the Sim would also do RPM (it is labeled TPS/RPM).
4. The VR conditioning board from DIY-EFI comes as a kit (you need to solder connectors). It is easy to plug it in wrong.
IMG-3973.jpg (3.01 MiB) Viewed 682 times
Note the little square box around the top right hand pin. This is pin 1 which should be at the same end as the ALIGN text on the speeduuino board. The LED is an indication of crank pickup. To make sure the board is getting a signal, wind the TPS down to 60 rpm on the UI and it should flash once a second.
5. Because I dont have an RPM reading on the UI scope display I assume this why my ignition/injector outputs arent working (no flashing LED's on the Sim or the Speeduino)? All of my settings in Tunerstudio seem OK so why is the Sim not generating a RPM even though the Sim UI shows RPM control with the pot (but Tunerstudio only show TPS moving and no RPM display).

My trigger and spark settings are;
trigger.PNG (230.7 KiB) Viewed 680 times
sparkset.PNG (221.32 KiB) Viewed 679 times
On the speeduino JP2 needs to be set to TSC to use the signal conditioner for the VR crank sensor and JP4 is set use the pullup resistor.

I have a crank signal on pin 19 of the Mega/Speeduino.......

Hopefully the last hurdle??
By kettlekev
Getting weirder now....

I did have a crank signal on pin 25 of the speeduino header/19 of Arduino (but still no RPM)

Then it stopped.

Ardustim seems to have problems connecting sometimes and has various bugs (no sweep mode, wont upload firmware sometimes, wont run in fixed rpm - sometimes). Reboots sometimes help and TPS always seems to link to Tunerstudio but never crank signal even when I did see it on the right pins (which now it isnt).......THEN......

I was trying to do another firmware upload which stalled so I closed the Ardustim, reset the Nano (on board switch) and now EVERYTHING works, all injectors, all sparks etc.......

THEN with everything working I took the Sim TPS/RPM pot to zero and up again and now have no RPM/injectors etc.

I didnt change any tunerstudio settings so it must be Speedysim/Ardustim that has the issue????? although I still have a crank signal on pin 25 of Speeduino/ 19 arduino......

EDIT. I have scoped the trigger pattern and cant see a missing tooth element. Could this be it? If so it is the ardustim O/P that is wrong (setup is all good at 36-1).
By kettlekev
Playing the the ardustim a bit more and by selecting the different crank wheel patterns I can see the o/p changing and can see the missing tooth in each case.

Looking at the crank signal with a scope gives.....

Output from Sim board (input to VR conditioner)...
curves2.jpg (327.88 KiB) Viewed 603 times
Nice clean signal (but not a normal VR sensor sinusoidal waveform).

Output from VR conditioner is.......
curves3.jpg (307.44 KiB) Viewed 603 times
A little bit rounded and same signal as pin 19 of the arduino. Is it too rounded to be detected by the rising edge trigger setting?.....apparently not....I took out the VR conditioner board and went direct. Pin 19 gets a nice square wave but the ignition LEDs still wont fire.....Ardustim reports RPM out but tuner studio doesnt see RPM. TPS control works as usual......
By kettlekev
Seems like a couple of others have seen the same problem and I am left with thinking there is a bug in the speeduino code?

As far as I can see I am not running any other functions that would inhibit spark (boost etc.). I am running the latest firmware which I have reloaded a few times. The fundamental issue is the arduino get the crank signal on pin 19 but I dont get any spark indication as RPM isnt recognised........
By theonewithin
Why people seem to always jump straight to "its a bug" makes no sense...

Speeduino is literally running on thousands of setups.

Hundreds using the 36-1 pattern as it is well supported and accurate.

As per my reply to your other post you have selected your setup to be sequential.

This doesn't work without a cam signal.

So no. It's not a bug. It's user error.

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