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For any add-on boards such as VR conditioners, optos and OEM interface boards
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By toastbrot
This dual VR conditioner module is a no-gimmicks representation of the MAX9926 reference circuit.
Dual VR Conditioner minimal 1.1_white BG_600.png
Dual VR Conditioner minimal 1.1_white BG_600.png (56.21 KiB) Viewed 475 times
The PCB has a clean and simple quasi-one-layer layout (with only a ground plane on the back) and measures circa 20 x 20 mm.
IMG_8696_600.jpg (88.56 KiB) Viewed 475 times
The pinout matches the VR socket on Speeduino boards. It is very similar and functionally equivalent to a few boards out there, but doesn't provide an option for shunt resistors on the inputs (like e.g. Josh Stewart's design does).

For more information check out the GitHub repo.

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