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I am trying to setup Ardu-stim on an Arduino Nano, but I can't seem to upload the firmware to it. I am able to flash projects through the Arduino IDE, but not the Ardu-stim 0.0.4 program that Josh made. Whenever I click on "Upload firmware" it says "Preparing to burn firmware" and stays like that, I tried leaving it alone for ~40min and it was still stuck there. I managed to flash the adru-stim firmware found in this post: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=971&p=15478#p15478
and I tried ardu-stim 0.0.3, but when I click "Connect" it displays the spinning circle in the middle and nothing more happens. I tried it on 3 different PCs and it's all the same.
Droid4Aduino is able to connect to it, but I was hopping to be able to use the newer versions of the software as well.
And another question, what type of crank/cam signal does the Ardu-stim output? Do I need a VR conditioner on my Speeduino or can I just choose Hall with the jumpers and test it that way?
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By GregorSamsa
I would suggest to double check, if the appropriate arduino board is set in the Arduino IDE.

As for the pre 0.0.4 (Speeduino port) versions of Ardustim , they do not work with the new user interface out of the box. Due to some changes in the communication flow.
@GregorSamsa It works with the Arduino IDE, that is how I flashed an older version of the firmware onto it.

Now I have a different problem, I connected my speeduino to my PC and the arduino nano to test the inputs, but I can't seem get an RPM signal. I tested the other sensors with resistors and they seem to be functional. For the RPM signal I tried the 4g63 setting in droid4adruino and the missing tooth 60-2 setting and both don't seem to be picked up by tunerstudio. I tried plugging in the signal output from the Nano into the IAT and CLT pins of the Speeduino and they started jumping up and down, so there is a signal there. Things are wired up as shown in the post I linked to in the first reply (D8 used for crank output).

P.S. I checked pin 25, Crank Input / VR1+ and the one that D8 is supposed to connect to with a multimeter, and it seems to be connected to ground, not sure if that's normal. The cam input one, pin 24 cycles between GND and 1M ohm to GND on my DMM, so I assume that is normal.

Ok, so compiling and flashing the code via the Arduino IDE made it work with Ardu-Stim.0.0.4.

About my issue with the RPM signal, turns out there was a solder flake between JP4 and a GND via next to it. That sucker was grounding the input and that's why I wasn't getting a signal. All fixed now! :D
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