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By Banjo
Have been playing with the Ardustim Alpha version, over the weekend, that was released at the end of August 2020.

I had a couple of issues.
I could not achieve Ardustim burning the hex firmware file to my Arduinon UNO. It just sat there "preparing to burn".

I figured that it was looking for the hex file, but couldn't find it. I copied & pasted the hex file to a couple of places, but no joy. I then used XLoader to burn the hex file to the UNO, & bingo, the Ardustim worked perfectly.

Xloader allows you to select the folder where the hex file resides. Assuming that "the location of the hex file", was why I could not use Ardustim to burn the hex file, does anyone know where it should be located ? Alternatively, maybe a nice addition to Ardustim, would be to add a function, similar to XLoader, that allows you to select the folder, where the hex file resides.

The second issue was, that I couldn't readily find out what I/O terminals of the UNO, the Ardustim was using. I did find a reference on the net that indicated that the pot input was fed into A0, which worked perfectly. I couldn't find any reference, as to which I/O terminals were used for the crank & cam pulse outputs. A quick test with my logic probe found crank pulses from digital 8 pin, & cam from digital 9 pin, so all good there.

The third issue I came across was that there was no trigger wheel selection for a 36-1 wheel, with crank & cam pulses. I already have a 36-1 trigger wheel mounted on the engine I am fitting the Speeduino to, & already have a cam pulse, so I can run full sequential. the 4-1, 6-1, 8-1, 12-1, & 24-1, selections, all have crank & cam outputs, but not the 36-1, which is a very popular trigger wheel. There is a 36-1 wheel listed, with "crank with 2nd trigger on teeth 33-44", but not sure what specific application, this was designed for. Would be very nice to have a 36-1 C + C added to the trigger wheel listings.
36-3 (ish) trigger wheel

Thanks again.

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