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By Sepehr20mg10
Some time ago I was searching for the MAX9926 chip to install the Speedy on my new car that came with a VR Sensor on Crankshaft. as I was unable to find the chip so I decided to design a simple OP-AMP version of VR Conditioner board but some day I asked on Slack to see if anybody did it before me! Surprisingly Vitor_BOSS gave me a schematic and that was awesome.
Its working great yet so I decided to design a PCB for that.

I made it with "Altium Designer" for both version (LM324 & LM358)

So here is some screen shots and files available :
LM324_SCH.PNG (21.7 KiB) Viewed 2087 times
LM324_PCB.PNG (65.03 KiB) Viewed 2087 times
LM358_PCB.PNG (49.23 KiB) Viewed 2087 times
Gerber files are attached!
And a big thanks to Vitor Boss to providing me this great schematic
(18.25 KiB) Downloaded 154 times
(11.74 KiB) Downloaded 128 times
By Sepehr20mg10
alfabit wrote:Hi, do you have the schematic in hi res? what's the value for Q1?
Sorry for my late answer.
Q1 is 2N7000
here is a the hi res SCH :
(106.99 KiB) Downloaded 125 times
Chipboy wrote:Nice work indeed, professional boards!
My pleasure
By hamjayahk
I've tried this circuit on my e30m40 with stock vr sensor and it did work but had too much hysteresis on the input. The 1K variable resistor cant hold correct values so i'll try with 4,7k ohm variable resistor

Sorry for my bad english
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