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Hi @chaoschris,

Congrats on this very nice project and promising results!!!
I am lloking forward to receive more news on how it is performing.
I am very interested on it in order to adjust mixtures on my bikes.
Are you planning on selling assembled kits of the BL49SP??

I have constructed one and seem to be working ok on the bench, will install in a car soon.
only issue i had was it blowing the heating mosfet a few times, not sure if it was sensor related or bad batch of mosfets, But it has started the heating process 5-6 times so far on this latest mosfet.
Hello flat4power,
you can change the not available LM4041 to Part Number C189195 which is available for assembly.
I have already updated the BOM in the GitHub to the avalability of parts from the actual date.
The availabilty of parts at JLC is sometimes a real mess......
Best regards,
Hi flat4power,

B72530V1140S262: Unfortunately JLC doesn't have anything comparable available for assembly, but if you search with your desired search engine like google you will find a lot of distributors where you can buy them. It is a Varistor (MLV 14VAC/16VDC 400A 22V Automotive T/R, SMD 1210 (3225 Metric) ), but you can also use a type with 20V. For testing purposes it is not necessary to solder it on the pcb. It is only to protect the circuit against any huge spikes on the supply side.

The Bosch CJ125 you can get from some rare local distributors or widely from various chinese vendors on ebay.com or aliexpress.com .
Please search for "30522", but the other existing derivates like "40103" or the third existing one "30615" should work also fine. It was tested with the 30522.

Best regards,
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