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For any add-on boards such as VR conditioners, optos and OEM interface boards
so all component give me a price approximatively 150 for 5 boards ...

An other question ;)
did you think it would be possible adding pins for an oled screen capable to display AFR ? this can be great for people only what an O2 sensor to adjust engine.
I'm an old VW user (baywindow and beetle) and lot of people only use these sensor to adjust fuel ratio on carburetor
when ordering these boards, the more you get made the cheaper it gets, 10 for me is $114 AUD, 30 is $182 AUD. Most of the smaller components come in lots of 10-20, you pay for the lot and not what you use, but you won't get the extra parts or refund for what you don't use. Maybe changing you order to 10 might not cost much more and you could sell the units you don't use.
flat4power wrote:did you think it would be possible adding pins for an oled screen capable to display AFR ?
Hi flat4power,
pcb version 0.0.3 with two additional pins has been already done. Some initial work on the software side has also been made.
It will be released soon on Github when the work has been finished.
Best regards,
PCB_V0.0.3.png (58.17 KiB) Viewed 1077 times
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OK so i got a few of these made up and im pretty sure i didnt goof up on anything but im getting a cj2 state.. What did i do wrong?

It goes through a Preset, Start, Calibration, then Condensate and Preheat.. then running but shows cj2 right when it switches to running. I dont see a list of what the states are so even that would be great to have. :D

edit - im just testing this on my bench so I havent installed it in my vehicle if that matters with that error state.
Hello cycle252,
can you post here what you got on the serial interface?
You can do a first quick and dirty test on the bench with any gas from a lighter or similar. The analog output should go from 4,5 Volt to 0,5 Volt and when you stop flooding the sensor the value should climb back to 4,5 Volt.
Best regards,
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