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For any add-on boards such as VR conditioners, optos and OEM interface boards
By dazq
My Gears firmware is manual shift only at the moment, it is still under development and will eventually have a fully auto mode, most demand is for a manual or semi auto shift option.
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Dziku wrote:
Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:02 pm
Again, does it support fully auto mode in any gearbox?
Just to be clear; the SCG-ATC is hardware only, and cannot function without firmware to tell it what to do. It is based on using dxControl's Gears firmware. The firmware effort is primarily headed by @dazq and dxControl, and as described here, and in several threads on search. The controller hardware may be from any design source and of any design (like Speeduino is), and this is SCG's version, as shown by both the printed dxControl credit and SCG support info printed on the production board version per the licensing terms. While SCG has listed the Speeduino forum as support, in-fact it is only a forum thread about their hardware design, and is not related to Speeduino except as a popular location of a thread about it. Therefore, only SCG can support their hardware design or fork of the dxControl firmware, and neither Speeduino nor other forum members are responsible for it or the thread's content. Again, not being harsh and only trying to be clear, so you know who and where to go for help.
By dazq
Piotr wrote:
Fri May 03, 2019 5:35 pm
What kind of bootloader I need to use?
I used this page for bootloader info
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