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For any add-on boards such as VR conditioners, optos and OEM interface boards
Interesting layout of the MAX9926, and I am curious about several things. An input external pull-up should be on VR+ or VR-? And under what conditions? Most other versions I find use only VR+ if using Hall/Opto with common ground (no VR- connection), and/or the external 5V pull-up is on VR+. However, high-voltage inputs including VR often have + rail voltage to VR- to help absorb the pulses. Using this and this as examples for more food for thought (there are others), and the relationship of each of the 5 approaches/methods - your thoughts?

cx500tc wrote:
edc_atl wrote:I have two units that are a drop in replacement to the Jperf unit. Both are based on the LM293....
Does it work better with single-ended VR's (one leg tied to chassis ground) or fully differential?
Can it handle from +/- 30-40 mV to +/- 200 V PP? And under what circumstance(s) does it trigger?

Also, wouldn't LM193 or LM2903 be more appropriate for automotive use given wider temp ranges?
Let's start by looking at the schematic for one channel, our unit can be used with a standard CKPS, Hall or opto sensors and has the same DIP8 pin out as the Jbperf unit. It does not have an onboard voltage regulator therefore it needs an external 5Vdc supply. The input range we specify is from 0-100V but there are a few limitations due to signal and resistor power ratings. Normally, if the input is less than 12-14mv, the unit will not trigger.

We have tested the unit at higher rates than 100V, but most Ford sensors have a 60V output at about 5Krpms and that is what we use regularly.
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noisymime wrote:As mentioned on the other thread, mine will definitely need some testing before I could recommend it to anyone.

I hadn't actually meant to finish it off. I sat down last night to simply make sure the schematic was OK, then ended up redoing the board layout at the same time :lol:
Anyone who needs to get these can get them from OSH Park https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/ux9kpJaA

...$5 bucks for 3 pcs.

How are you supposed to get the resistor R10 and R12 to fit , as they are rated 3w.

"If anyone is feeling particularly brave, I've just finished off the routing on the dual VR / Opto board I started over a year ago. Gerbers, images and schematic are all available in github".

"This board is designed to pull double duty as both a dual VR conditioner or a dual Opto. If you want a VR conditioner, you populate one side of the board, if you want a dual opto, you populate the other. All on a 25mm X 25mm board. It uses quite a lot of SMT components and I haven't had a run of these boards done myself yet, so no guarantees with anything on this yet" :lol:
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PLAZ JOSH VR2.JPG (56.98 KiB) Viewed 2859 times
PLAZ JOSH VR.JPG (48.99 KiB) Viewed 2859 times
And how are the vr board supposed to be mounted.
Like in the first picture or like this?
DSCF2869.JPG (123.11 KiB) Viewed 2858 times
No it´s this one as far as i know.
VR conditioner.JPG
VR conditioner.JPG (71.42 KiB) Viewed 2789 times
For anyone still interested in these, I've slightly tweaked the design of my VR board and have sent them for an assembled production run. These will go up on the store for $20 USD with any Speeduino board. ETA is about 3 weeks
Awesome! :mrgreen: I'm hoping the non-profit multi-car project we are working on will need a few of both soon. Will you have the IDC boards in-stock also, or the anticipated successor? They would be ordering direct. I'm just the one making specs and putting the pieces together so the long test 'n tune series can begin, so assembled v0.4x boards is another option if you anticipate going that way. I'm taking one day at a time, but would prompt them to also order the v0.3x version for proofing cars with other engines.

PS: Oh! And stickers! ;)

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