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For any add-on boards such as VR conditioners, optos and OEM interface boards
By HunterS628
Hey guys. I am starting a thread here now that this board is in the testing phase. I will link the thread coming up with this idea below but here is the basic rundown. I needed a small, and extremely accurate cam position sensor for my current build. I couldn't find anything commercially available I decided to build my own. This uses a GMR sensor that is accurate to 10,000 RPM on super tiny teeth. This sensor can read teeth from 0.2mm in width all the way up to 3mm in width. There is a Demo video that I linked in Post 8 of the original thread if you want to check it out. The board is just under 1/2 inch wide and just under 3/4 inch long making it easy to stick in tight places. The board take the analog output form the sensor and converts it ot a 5v square wave so no conditioner should be needed, however for testing purposes I added test pints at the sensor output to test analog input to the ecu with use of a conditioner. I currently have 10 pcbs and have ordered components to build all 10. If anyone is interested in testing please let me know and I will get a board out to you. I would like to eventually sell these if the design is useful to others! Let me know what you think!
95CF7D14-950C-42F5-8321-1BB2F1505348.jpeg (2.74 MiB) Viewed 421 times
Sensor board1.png
Sensor board1.png (158.42 KiB) Viewed 421 times
Sensor board 2.png
Sensor board 2.png (85.04 KiB) Viewed 421 times
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