For anything related to the 'official' Speeduino boards (Eg v0.3, v0.4 etc)
By E4ODnut
I had a look at the AVR040 application note to see if I could figure out what this reset protections circuit is all about, but I'm afraid it is a bit over my head. So, my question is, if reset protection is important should the JP1 jumper be shorted or left open. For that matter, if protection is important, why the jumper option?
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JP1 is the ignition signal output voltage selection on all Speeduino board versions, and must be selected appropriately for ignition functions. What board are you using?

If you mean the run/prog switch or jumper, it enables or bypasses the reset protection circuit so the processor can be auto-reset on firmware upload, else it prevents accidental resets while operating or connected to comms.
By E4ODnut
Oops, typo. Should have been JP12. It appears on the power sheet in the KiCad schematic drawing Latest\V0.4.3d. So from your description I'm assuming the jumper should be left open for normal operation?

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