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By MartinKeat
Hi Folks,

Complete noob here with respect to EFI conversion. I currently have an XJR1300 2001 model (non-fuel injection) and the carbs are clacked out (gremlin that we can't find). Knowing that it is heading for the scrap heap, I have decided instead to try and rebuild it from the group up, but instead take the FJR1300 throttle bodies & fuel injectors and convert it, which naturally led me to this site.

Being a complete noob I was hoping that you all might be able to start throwing comments my way on exactly what I will need to do this, as well as any words of wisdom and general experience that can help me.


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Welcome! Read the Wiki lightly, just to get overall concept. Much of it doesn't make sense until you get all the pieces in your head. Read it again and it will make more sense. If you're stuck or need options, ask specific questions for good answers. Good luck!
As Yamaha made a fuel injected XJR1300 much of the hard work has been done for you, such as a post 2007 fuel tank with an integrated fuel pump, and a crank position sensor, as well as the throttle bodies you already mentioned. There would still be a lot of work, but this is a start.
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