For anything related to the 'official' Speeduino boards (Eg v0.3, v0.4 etc)
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I am attempting to use my speeduino as a datalogging box attached to a Ducati motorcycle. a couple years back I had read that I could program in my second wideband controller as a general analog input. I am wondering if anyone has done this, I am assuming that my signal will get wired up to the arduino as the speeduino board does not have any aux input labeled on its 40 main connector. What is the next step for me? For reference I have found the page in the manual online that explains the software side of setting up this aux input I just don't fully grasp where I should wire this signal wire into the speeduino.
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You can use any unused IDC connector pin for signal input. Most boards have at least one free analog input that the IDC pin can connect-to, such as A15 on the v0.4 series boards. From there you can set-up your input as any other input for reading data, gauge, output or logging. Depending on what signal source you are reading, adding an input circuit (similar to other analog circuits already on the board) in the proto area or on a piece of stripboard may be a good idea to protect the processor from voltage spikes, noise or other issues.

If there is no input made available on your particular board, a short jumper wire could be soldered between the free IDC pin on the "back" of the board to the free analog pin of your choice, also on the back. With this connection between the IDC pin and the processor board pin for input, the processor can read it, and input setup in TunerStudio can proceed as before.
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