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By Col O/S
Hi, Working up a design to use two programmable outputs plus some relay latching to control the torque convertor lockup on a gearbox. I intend using a hi/lo 5v x 4 relays module for Arduino. Is it possible to wire the In connections of the relay modules directly to pins D20/21 via J5? Just checking there are no pullup resistors etc required and this is compatible.
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Yes and no. It is technically possible to jump-wire D20 & 21 to use the J5 connector, or the joined IDC connector pins, with changes to settings or removal of components to disable the connected circuits. No, an external relay module is not necessary if you use the circuits you would be disabling. I do not follow why you would disable circuits built for switching, in order to attach an extra module built for switching. What am I missing here, or how are you programming control?
By Col O/S
Hi, D20, 21 are shown as proto outputs under 4.4b, well at least in the schematics. There are a few different descriptions of things through the documentation hence the question, but hey I have found similar in commercial/engineered products. I have some relays which are supposedly suitable to drive directly from the Arduino I/O which I want to use D20/21 to activate. I will then use programable outputs. plus basic logic to activate as required. That plus a bit of off Speedy latching logic will give me the means to correctly control the Torque Converter Lockup.
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Thanks for clarifying. The v0.4.4b SMD board is wired to J5 differently (sorry I missed that in the title), and direct control is possible from those SDA and SCL outputs, using programmable outputs. My second question remains as an option, as the HC outputs can be configured for specific table switching, by MAP or TPS, and in on/off or PWM mode. Example of VVT below, set for on/off and for whatever combination of MAP or TPS and RPM you wish. I will note that one missing feature for TCC operation is a hysteresis setting, if desired. That said, if you have a path in-mind to do the job as well or even better, then go for it. Do your thing!

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By Col O/S
Thanks for that, now I will proceed. For future reference I am doing nothing unique or complex. Signal will go through an aux N/C brake switch contact One programable output will be RPM>1800 And MAP < 60kpaa to activate relay1. The next output will be RPM>2200 to activate relay2, which I will then latch using relay3, the latched signal drives relay 4, the latch will go off if brake is activated or relay 1 goes off. Relay 4 is used to activate a 12v 30A relay to actually drive the gearbox solenoid, probably overkill, but I had planned for it and have one already installed. So I meet all the conditions for TCC lockup, and have programable hysteresis via the RPM settings.

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