For anything related to the 'official' Speeduino boards (Eg v0.3, v0.4 etc)
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By ZacharyCofer
Looking for the dropbear schematics and Gerber's if they are available or if anyone has them
By Jonathan95
Hi sorry guys,

But is there any info out on this? I really want to develop something for my bike
as I want the additional IO a teensy 3.5/3.6 could allow for. Maybe a schematic and BOM?

Thanks again.
By dazq
No not released yet.
You could get some pointers on pins used on the teensy and mc33810's by looking in the code if you really feel the urge :-)
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By digmorepaka
Sucks that it's been out for so long but out of stock most of the time, and hardware source files not being out yet.

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