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For anything related to the 'official' Speeduino boards (Eg v0.3, v0.4 etc)
By notarobot
I am new to speedy and so far have just been setting up bench testing (0.3.7 & 0.4.3 boards) with ardu-stim, mechanical stim etc. to get familiar before installing in cars. I have them all working fine on the bench but I noted a couple of points with manuals:-

1. Why does the 0.4 manual number the 40 pin IDC connectors pins in the way it does? The standard IDC data cable/breakout box/board numbering is to have pins 1 & 40 at opposite ends i.e. increment across the cable - not up one side and down the other. One could argue that numbering order does not matter but my guess is most folks installing a V0.4 board would use some type of idc breakout pcb to bring out the connections to case exterior and those breakout boards will be using the standard numbering - so it is easy to get mixed up when wiring - I fell into this trap myself initially until I noticed the photo in the manual showing the round robin numbering used.

2. The 0.3 manual lacks a pinout table for the connectors. I know there are short codes printed on pcb but it would be nice to have a simple reference table listing all the connectors in one place with their code and a description.
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notarobot wrote:
Sun Jun 14, 2020 10:52 pm
1. Why does the 0.4 manual number the 40 pin IDC connectors pins in the way it does?
You are correct. I don't know why the connector was numbered as an IC DIP chip, though likely the automated numbering by the design software. Although it is a simple and effective system, it does conflict with IDC standardized numbering. But, it was found too late to change all formats, documentation, and references, so it is what it is and we just move forward. Similar for other anomalies, such as the upside-down MAP sensor on many boards. Unfortunately, I don't have a better answer. As this has been discussed many times, please do a search if you want more background on this topic.
notarobot wrote:
Sun Jun 14, 2020 10:52 pm
2. The 0.3 manual lacks a pinout table for the connectors.
Anytime you have confusion or question about the circuits, layout, etc, I would suggest referring the the reference folder of the Speeduino code package. This is available either in the download or online on the GitHub Speeduino pages. Make your own diagram if it is helpful to you. 8-) They should help clarify, such as the connector diagram section of the schematics below.

@theonewithin is also correct, that the v0.3.x series is effectively obsolete. The v0.4-series was designed to allow most any I/O interface, such as the ST04 end-plate to provide equivalent experimental screw-terminal function to the v0.3-series.


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