For anything related to the 'official' Speeduino boards (Eg v0.3, v0.4 etc)
I thank you, already start to work in output ignition module with external case "only"

I have built a board that version. I managed to connect via USB and program OK.
Now potentiometers used in place of the sensors and the reading is being done correctly.
For the CAS signal I used another Arduino , simulating 60-2 teeth.
The RPM reading is being done correctly, but only 2 injector are firing (I'm only using the board LEDs for now) .
Even with the setting for 4 cylinder and 4 injector he only shoots 2 .
The same thing happens with the output for the coils , only the first 2 are trigger .
And here a question, almost do not see the LED flashing coil . I have nothing plugged into the outlet plate . What can be ?
Thanks for your help and patience .
By noisymime
hi Artur,

What you're describing is the expected behaviour as sequential ignition is not (yet) supported. This means that the fuel and ignition only outputs on half the channels as there are cylinders, typically known as batched injection and wasted spark.

On the fuel side, there is an option for 'Semi-sequential' injector staging which uses all 4 of the injector outputs with the same timing as for batched.

As for the ignition LED, you're saying that it is very dim? This LED activates with the dwelling of the coil, so the first thing to check would be what you have your dwell set to. Other than that, it's probably acting normally. Does it increase in brightness as the revs increase?
totally true, what you post noisymime.
dwell controls the intensity outputs of the coils, and in the case of injection is that even non-sequential, as all are activated batch (software adjustment)
best regards
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By pseudoki
Hi noisymime, I haven't gotten around to soldering the V0.3.4 I bought from the speeduino shop, and I was comparing the traces of it to the V0.3.3, and there were a few differences. Are those significant changes? Also I can't seem to find the git files of the V0.3.4, specifically the fritzing files, I was wondering if you or anyone could point me to it. :D
By NickZ
board looks alright, you do understand you can't run ignition and injection sequential. you can have 9 channels total.
batch injectors(paired) and sequential spark.
Sequential injection and wasted spark.

I would go with the second option.
By romkagr
Thank You. The Board was created with a stock output. I created this circuit Board if suddenly in the future will be available 6 channels of ignition and 6 channels of injectors. and I had channel 5 on the ignition strangely it works by alternating each channel separately:):)

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