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Hello Felipe. This is an open-source project, and you are permitted to make, sell, and modify Speeduino hardware and software under the licensing terms of each. No problem. While I do not pretend to speak for anyone; my impression is that there is concern for your honesty or business ethics, from your use of images, videos, etc, without either permission or credit, nor links to those projects. This may possibly be misunderstood as you claiming these items and videos are yours as there is no statement I could easily see on your web pages that they are not. Without knowing you, and as you have not been participating as a member of the Speeduino community to let other members know you, and with these questionable actions; it would be natural for Speeduino supporters to be also questioning your motives and ethics in order to protect Speeduino and their fellow members.

Donations such as you made are not required under the terms and so are appreciated by other members — assuming your intentions are good. Perhaps you would be willing to obtain permission for the media (or create replacements) and also give credit to those that did the work (if they agree), and sharing more information about Speeduino and its support community to your web audience might help to avoid negative impressions. Speeduino has very strong community support; and your customers (and you) need to be aware of that and the high value it brings to both Speeduino and its users.

By NeutronEngines
noisymime wrote: Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:41 am Been a little while between official board posts here on the forum, but this one is worth it.

I've just added the assembled v0.4.4 boards to the Speeduino store at: ... er=product

This is a slightly different board to the previous v0.4.x line in that I only intend to sell these as fully assembled units. They contain a number of surface mount components that both reduce the overall price and simplify the assembly process, so they are a little bit of a stepping stone until the full surface mount design is completed (Still many months away).

The features of the boards are essentially the same as the previous versions, but a few extras have been added. Most notably is the addition of a small switch that can be used to disable the Arduino auto-reset when serial connections are made. This can be useful if you are seeing restarts occurring when connected via a USB connection that is flaky or dropping out.

In the long term I am likely to phase out selling kits for the v0.4 boards with the preference being to sell assembled versions only. This seems to be what most people prefer and will free up more of my time as the kitting process is extremely tedious. Kits will still be offered for the v0.3 line for the foreseeable future and I will definitely continue to sell the bare through-hole v0.4.x boards for those interested in DIYing it and ordering their own parts.

What sort of volume/money would it take to revise this to all surface mount? I believe this would significantly drop the overall cost when used with pick and place and a board supplier.

I am a mechanical engineer that has worked in Tech. I have some PCP manufacturing house contacts for lower volume. Let me know if this would be a worthwhile direction to pursue.
I'm sure there is an smd version out!


0.4.4b :)
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