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By turbonetics
I have one problem which bothers me for a year or more.When I connect tunerstudio via usb or bt everything is ok until I start the engine.After that tunerstudio disconnect with lap/mobile,in some cases engine will shut down or misfire until I disconect USB cable. When I changed edis coil to tfsi coil few days ago my car started to misfire while driving. I have noticed that my rpm gauge oscilates,so I changed my crank sensor (HALL ) for new one,but the problem remains,also checked voltage on all sensors,coils and inj. Any thoughts about this?
My board is 0.4.3 working on 6cyl semi-seq mode.
By noisymime
If the misfiring and RPM readings started when you changed the coil, it sounds like that new coil arrangement has introduced some noise that is affecting the RPM signal. Where are you sourcing the power for the coils from?
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