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By noisymime
So having been unwell the past few days, this one is getting out a touch late but I think it was probably worth the small wait.

The big news this month is the newly added support for 5 cylinder engines! A big thanks to Erik (er4o) for his testing of this and patience as I added various bits and pieces. Hopefully this is just the first of many 5 cylinder engines to get up and running!

So anyway, the full list of changes for this month:
  • 5 cylinder support - Whilst this isn't a final implementation (it does have some limitations), 5 cylinder engines are now supported and there's already 1 up and running! This should be considered slightly experimental for now, but will continue to be tested and matured over the next month
  • Many fixes and improvements to the flex / ethanol system. These include ignition timing correction and full logging of all adjustments. A demo of this can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiwVegLFIzQ
  • Fuel pump and fan output pins are now selectable in TS
  • The missing tooth decoder will now operate at cam speed, including allowing sequential timing
  • Fine tuning to the filtering on the 4g63 (Miata / MX5) decoder. Medium filter level is recommended
  • Include a MAP x RPM variable in the log
The firmware can be downloaded from:
Direct: http://speeduino.com/wiki/images/3/32/S ... _Dec16.zip
Github: https://github.com/noisymime/speeduino/ ... tag/201612

As usual, remember to reload the latest ini into TunerStudio when upgrading to this firmware
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By dan.elliott
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