Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
By Viperjohn
I was thinking of something to cut the ignition or the injectors or both at the same time while some digital input receives 0v-ground and returns working when the input is disabled, or add some time to kill the engine when it receives this input, because my gearbox automatic when changing time requests torque reduction via a grounding wire
I would like some opinion to develop this project
I'm running Pazzi88 BMW E36 325i automatic ZF5HP18 M50B25TU 93
By Viperjohn
dzener wrote: Thu Sep 21, 2023 3:34 pm Hello,
There is a customized version of Speeduino with the ignition timing/spark cutoff function for automatic transmission, I use it in my car, it works very well, it just isn't on the latest firmware version.
Yes, but that won't work for me because I also need downshift, and this rpmdot reading will be very slow.
By Viperjohn
I probably have burnt Arduino pin 51,I changed the launch/flat pin and now launch/flat works as it should, from now on I'm going to do some tests with the flat option turned on to see how the change behaves, I'll report back
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the file in attached

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