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By choyr
If any programmer is interested to develop a wheel decoder and VVT (VTC for Honda) of Honda K20/24, please message me here or at PnPduino page.
I can do all the tests with my recently bought K24/20 civic. Wheel definition for the crank + cam is already done
Which version of the firmware do you think had cam in it?

I've mentioned this to the other Devs and we're not sure the cam was ever developed into the speeduino firmware.

If I can identify the version I'll look to pull it forward into the current development branch for you
Hi all,
As you're aware, I do plug and play ecus based on UA4C. You can check my website at
Currently I am modifying the existing Honda D17 decoder since the K20 has the same crank. The D17 only uses semi sequential and not using cam signal to trigger Home (AFAIK).
The K20/24 uses the exhaust cam 4+1 to use as its home trigger. I was trying for few weeks now and it takes a lot of time for me as I am not a hardcore software developer/coder that's why I am asking if anyone is a better coder than me :lol:
I have finished the cam and crank wheel definition (Not the decoder). The remaining codes to be written are for the VTC and the CAM and CRANK decoder. If anyone wants to co-develop or code for this project even for a fee, please pm me here at forums, or email me at
You can pm me also at FB thru PnPduino.
Thanks everyone and hopefully this Speeduino finally works on the K20 series.
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choyr wrote:
miker wrote: Wed May 17, 2023 10:03 pm I've sent you a message.
Hi, I replied but its not showing in my sent messages. Can you check if you received my PM? Thanks
I've sent you three messages over the last couple of days. All are listed in my 'outbox'. Can you see if you can see them.
Cheers, Mike

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