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By rixtronix
Dear Members,

I want to blink LED when ignition happened,
Which function is related with ignition and injection ?

I saw this at scheduler.ino :
//Ignition schedulers use Timer 5
void setIgnitionSchedule1(void (*startCallback)(), unsigned long timeout, unsigned long duration, void(*endCallback)())
//debug with built in LED .....

or on other functions ?

Any ideas ?
By theonewithin

You could always change the firmware to trigger the onboard LED of the mega though if you really must see a blinking light.

I would just love ad the blink sketch myself for that.
By miker
The code is complex, what you're trying to do would be achieved easier with either attaching a led to the corresponding ignition channel on the mega board (defined in init.into I think) or buying a cheap 8 channel logic monitor and plugging it into the Arduino and your pc (it's how I did development and track too the nano second spark events).

( The ignition code is done within an interrupt and I can't remember which code has it in)
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rixtronix wrote:
Fri Jun 18, 2021 9:58 am
I want to blink LED when ignition happened,
I assume you want to light an LED when an ignition event is calculated to occur? That result is on the existing outputs, and you can take the signal from any of many locations just as the current Speeduino boards do (see example schematic below).

If instead you wish to blink an LED when a spark actually occurs (IGf/DME firing confirmation signal); you can read it with a shunt resistor in the coil ground wire and log it, or trigger an output (LED) with the AUX inputs and outputs (see IGNSENSP output example here).

If you are actually after something different, please be specific to your needs or goals.

When the ignition output goes high, it signals the coil driver and also an LED:
Ignitor output v03-v04.jpg
Ignitor output v03-v04.jpg (26.64 KiB) Viewed 130 times

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