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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
By Vauhtivaunu
Chris Wolfson wrote:
Fri May 07, 2021 8:33 am

I have decided to quit programming at a time many of you writing here where not even born. (someone know programmable calculators, Casio? Sharp? Basic?) So I can not do it by my self, but maybe give others some ideas.
You should still be eager to learn new. My first computer was C64 and I did some BASIC programming with it. Since that I tried to learn wide variety of things in electronics, computing, automotive electrics and engine principles on my own. I think I´ve succeeded since I have done this 16 years and hundreds of different kind of DIY ECM:s and all work.

I´m happy with fast development that have happened in these few years. It is way more what happened with megasquirt back in days. I salute all of developers. You have done some awesomeness!
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By Chris Wolfson
Off topic.
If you knew me, you would not ask me to learn something new. I have learned all my live, much more than anyone around me and still learn every day. Programming does not fit into my daily schedule any more, as it is nothing you do just for a few minutes. If you had any idea how much new stuff modern cars bring with any generation, you would be astonished. I have to adapt to any stupid idea car manufactures throw at me. Try to repair a car with 5 separate CAN bus circuits giving 45 faults and you will understand.
My "useless" new learning at this time is Speeduino. I hope I can help with some problems others have with installation and fault finding. That is how I try to contribute to this project, if time permits, as injection systems where always most important to me. I'm one of the rare species that can tune a Weber carburetor, by the way. I have Jets and all necessary stuff for DCOE carbs worth thousands of €. Exactly because I know what a carb can do and not do, I prefer programmable injection systems.
Ah, and yes. I analysed the Weber Marelli IAW system and made many "secret" maps public. That was about 15 years ago.
So please, do not tell me I'm to lazy to learn. I just have excepted that there are others much more talented people for
programming than me. If you visit Germany and come to Hamburg, I will gladly show you my workshop. The tools we use there every day will usually be operated by a hand full of different professions. That had to be learned too.
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By Chris Wolfson
The development of Speeduino is indeed unique. It started where MegeSquirt stopped and should have been ended. Speeduino had one huge advantage: Tuner Studio software already existed and was open to new ECU systems. So development could center on the hardware and internal coding instead of progaming user interfaces.

Then, today any concept of secret , limited and protected electronics is outdated.
I know from Bosch, they are spending incredible amounts of development just into keeping their stuff closed for others. While "others" work like mad to disclose the same software they protect. With VW cars, the tuning software often is available before the first new cars are sold to the customer. Corruption is not only in "the other countries".
If this development time and manpower went into something useful, the world would make a huge step forward.

Small scale concepts are impossible to protect for profit. When MS decided to be commercial, they did not prevent copies, they excluded free developers from contributing to it. That is why they have turned to marketing, instead of looking for innovation. Drive by wire is no innovation, but a huge risk with DIYS, by the way. My personal opinion.

Any good idea you have, today will be copied the second it gets successful. If you free yourself from the idea of protecting it, you can get much further. That is what Speeduino shows.

I have the deepest respect for all that have pushed Speeduino to where it is and are bringing it to new levels, every day.
Thank you!
By Vauhtivaunu
Chris Wolfson wrote:
Fri May 07, 2021 6:05 pm
Off topic.
I'm one of the rare species that can tune a Weber carburetor, by the way. I have Jets and all necessary stuff for DCOE carbs worth thousands of €. Exactly because I know what a carb can do and not do, I prefer programmable injection systems.
Offtopic too, but that is nothing rare. In Finland we have so called "jokkis" and there is thousands of carburettor specialists and eventually they know what they do. Check youtube.

I´ve tried to change this by doing affordable DIY ECM:s but there is just this "WEBER is god" mentality.

Small steps all changes. I know carbs in principle, but I have no interest to get involved. I appreciate your knowlegde.
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By Chris Wolfson
In Germany you may drive 500km to find a guy that might be able to set up your engine with Weber carbs. When those "specialists" failed I started doing it my self. Took quite some time. For about 10 years I was hardly the only guy around, that used a lambda sensor (narrow band at that time) with a self made display for tuning. No "car specialist" understood why I used a part from a US emission controlled car with carburetor tuning. They barely used exhaust gas analyzer at rolling roads! German specification cars did not have cat. converters at that time. The German TÜV prohibited any tuning and engine modifications. So except for a hand full of race engineers there was no one who did it as a main job with extensive knowledge.
If you want to have really perfect set up twin Weber carbs, just the jet's, emulsion tubes, levers, springs and valves will cost you as much as a complete Speedunino ECU with extra parts. Off course, clever combined with reliable stock parts (pump, sensor, regulator etc.). People forget that carburetors need special pumps and regulators too, to work well. So in the end you get less performance, more consumption, reduced engine live and all around worse engine behavior for much more money. It is hard for a beginner to tune an ECU near to perfection, but impossible for the same guy to set up some Webers. You need at last parts for 1500-2000 Euros, just to have enough parts to try for the best fit. I'm always very amused, if people start to give advice which combination of jets might fit some engine, if even the basic carb, like a 45DCOE, was build in several different versions. So a jet combinations on the same engine will not work if the carbs are not 100% identical.
A circuit race, max power set up can be realized in one day, but for a daily driver, running smooth and economically, yet with top end power in any load situation, you can spent weeks or even month of fine tuning.
Weber carbs are for very rich people. They look really good on a detailed engine. The poor enthusiast needs a Speeduino.
By theonewithin
Chris Wolfson wrote:
Sat May 08, 2021 12:29 am
The poor enthusiast needs a Speeduino.

Say the same for all the really expensive ECUs that put the price you are talking about to shame?

You sure seem to think very little of anyone but yourself with that post.

Very stuck up and "I'm better than everyone" sort of thing...
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By Chris Wolfson
I tried to explain why I think an after market ECU is the way to go today. Not because I can not tune a carburetor, but because I know that it is impossible for someone who does not have large funds and lots of time.
You seem to search for negative aspects in any post and like to turn people down. OK, anyone needs a hobby.
It is just that your usual "read the WIKI" is not in all cases the best answer.
If you want this Forum for your self, you are on a good way.
By Vauhtivaunu
Chris Wolfson wrote:
Sat May 08, 2021 12:29 am

Weber carbs are for very rich people. They look really good on a detailed engine. The poor enthusiast needs a Speeduino.
GTFO. In Finland we have people who have tuned webers for whole life.
By miker
Getting this back on topic I've done some similar tests and posted results on slack.

I found pretty consistent timing for a large percent of the time, however I did see some occasional late/early sparks. With someone else we're slowly tracing down the cause to see if it's something unique to me or if a software update they're already working on helps resolve this.

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