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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
By SyntaxErol
Hello fellow petrolheads, my intension is to use speeduino on a single cylinder carb bike (DRZ-400SM) i have 2 firmware improvements in mind for my application:

-Making a fully sequential system because of low rpm stability and response, there is a map sensor on TB which can be used as a indexer on missing crank tooth type of a signal since 1 out of every 2 turns of crank missing tooth will be intake and thus information wont be changing till the engine turns off, so ecu can take map sensor reading for first couple of revolutions and recognize which missing tooth is which phase (thus eliminating mad readings of MAP on high rpm) This is done on megasquirt type of ecu.
ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePzYxL ... 6ChefKoch
But im really lost in speeduino code and also i dont have a osiloscope or testing equipment to test my work and make sure i dont blow up my bike.

-Second is to make speeduino drive the fuel pump using PWM and fuel pressure sensor in closed loop thus eliminating return line to the tank which saves space which is already scarce in a drz and also improves compatibility with similar bikes. This feature is less nervous for me since i can check if its working or not on a off-the-bike test setup with all the plumbing done and checking pressure while ecu fires injectors

Gladly welcome help on those 2 subjects since i lack testing equipment and affraid to do any changes on firmware on my own as i still couldnt get my head arround which info goes where and how
By theonewithin
If you are unable to do firmware changes forget PWM control.

It needs that to be written into the firmware as it doesn't yet exist.

Your first idea there are already multiple threads already been posted about using MAP as sir for cycle sync. One was started very recently. I suggest you have a read through it
By SyntaxErol
I can do firmware changes but i need to be somewhat guided through about what has to be changed, about map sensor phase detection, can you post the link about the very recent one since all posts i found were not realy conclusive on what should be done
Perhaps you should start with why you need these features and say why what you have available isn't sufficient!

If you have a missing tooth trigger wheel, then you are probably good to go. If you haven't, then that should be the first hurdle you need to jump.
I'm not an expert, but do understand the principles. :)

I do feel you need to give more detail of your setup, or people will be reluctant to help you.

Why not get it running on non sequential first! Don't create issues you may not experience. :)
By SyntaxErol
The project is pretty simple, single cylinder single throttle body with map tps and injector, coil on plug ignition, 18-1 or 36-2 ring on flywheel which will be read by stock vr sensor.

Im trying to create the thing that the guy on the video did, using map sensors lowest point as a square wave signal via schmitt trigger and feeding it as a cam sensor output in to the ecu. The problem is i also want to use same map sensor for metering purposes in the efi system. Thus i need to split the signal in to two and feed it to separate inputs on the board one directly one after passing through schmitt trigger. There is where i need help cause i dont have equipmet to test and see the signals. Any other way of achieving this would be also welcome.
By Alfagta
Take in mind on those days this guy from the video has done it, he simply connect the map sensor to the cam input from ms3x which already has some sort of Schmitt trigger circuit.
So no special firmware.
By theonewithin
"Making a fully sequential system because of low rpm stability and response,"

Run wasted. Tune it. Then decide it is worth the effort. You will likely find it will run absolutely fine and won't require sequential at all.

PWM i assume not enough stator to run a pump?

There are some quite small low powered pumps out there. Find one that you can power and use it.

The things you want have come up a few times and i can only assume are either hard to code or not very high on the list of "things to do".

Just run wasted and find a suitable pump. Hell.. You bike engine only makes 33hp...

My 250cc makes more and i have a pump that draws 12W. It will max out around 60hp.

Don't overcomplicate things unless you actually NEED them.

Which you won't know until you try.
By SyntaxErol
I dont need people to say to me that i dont need this and that nor im asking for "is this required". Pwm fuel pump setup has nothing to do with hp or stator output. As i stated in first post. Im not overcomplicating things but trying to refine the setup so that it requires minimal modification to the bike itself and requires least amount of space to install and provide best fuelling, ignition as possible. and yes there is a difference on how bike feels when things go sequential because im in touch with somebody who did same bike but on microsquirt.
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