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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
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By Broke4speed
I see it's available, but the usual 'new firmware' post is missing. Is there a changelog somewhere? :)
By 82rage
You can read here
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By noisymime
I'm getting there guys, just been jumping from one thing to the next lately. The proper announcement will come out later today with a few missing details added to the Github release page as well.
By criscecconello
Hi Guys,

I use the full sequential, 4 cylinders, injector and spark, when I uploaded the new firmware the ignition 3 and ignition 4 stopped, when I returned to the previous firmware, 202005, the system return to work, I don´t know if I do some mistake or have some problems in code. I use Teensy 3.5.

By pazi88
Check programmable outputs, WMI feature and VSS input that there isn't anything there preventing those outputs from working.
By theonewithin
You are not the first to have an issue on the Teensy.

I would say wait for now before updating as Josh hasn't validated everything on the Teensy as yet...
By criscecconello

Today I remembered to do enable test output.

I tested before the code 202005 and all ignition worked.

After I repeat the test with new firmware and the problem persists, only ignition 1 and 2 works, ignition 3 and 4 are off all time.

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