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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
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By Eric H
I've noticed that there a large number of pull requests languishing in git.
The earliest dates back to early 2015.

Usually in projects that accept outside contributions a pull request is open for a short amount of time.
Within a few days it would be reviewed by someone in charge of the related area with one of three answers:
1. This is a good idea and well implemented, we'll pull and close.
2. This is a bad idea and does not fit with the plans, close the request.
3. This is a good idea but the implementation falls short. Improve the code in these ways and update the pull request.

There are usually discussions with all of these responses, and if there is consensus reached any one of these answers can change. If there is no further activity after a period of time on a request for improvement in implementation, the request is closed to keep the request queue tidy.

What triggered these musings is a pull request I submitted a month or so ago. There was a short discussion, then nothing. There's another pull request I'm very interested in having in the firmware. It has also been sitting there for a month with no discussion at all.

Is there a process to get a pull request evaluated?
I'm not whining "Hurry up and pull my code!" Any one of the three variants of answers are better than silence.
I'm a big boy, saying no won't hurt my feelings :D , In my 30+ years professionally developing code I've heard a lot of noes!
By NickZ
if its for a pin map, good luck. Ive kind of had an unofficial answer but im following to see if you get an official answer.
By Sunglasses
Parallel topic over here http://speeduino.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=44436#p44436

I can only agree, there are useful ideas and they could get lost if they are not implemented before they get out of sync.

If you follow the discussions on slack, you get a feeling for what is going on behind the scenes right now. I think there is major work being done to free up RAM and make space for future features. Maybe after this has been implemented there will be progress again.

I can imagine that the success made this project a lot more time consuming than Josh had planned, but anyway this is a very legitimate question, how to deal with an ever growing number of pull requests.
By noisymime
I replied over on the other thread (http://speeduino.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=44436#p44436) with a few thoughts on this.
NickZ wrote:if its for a pin map, good luck. Ive kind of had an unofficial answer but im following to see if you get an official answer.
I haven't formalised it, but the general approach I'm going to be taking going forward is that mappings for new boards will be accepted for where there is the intent to distribute them (ie they're not just for personal use) and are open source. Anything outside of this will be on a case by case basis only.

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