Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
A had a heap of fun with the first firmware live coding stream and got a number of requests for more, so I'm going to be doing another session at the same time this weekend!

In this one I'll be building upon the fuel and oil pressure inputs we added by using that data as part of a safety system. Whilst having watched the first stream isn't necessary, I would recommend it just to give a little context.

For most of you US and Euro folk out there it'll be Saturday afternoon/evening and nice early Sunday morning for us Aussies. The times are:
PDT - Saturday at 3:00 pm
CDT - Saturday at 5:00 pm
EDT - Saturday at 6:00 pm
UTC - Saturday at 10:00 pm
AEST - Sunday at 8:00 am

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