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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
It looks like the current Speeduinofirmware supports the old 24 + 2 crank sensor setup on the 86 - 91 Mazda 13B but I don’t see anything for the 36 -2 - 2 CAS used on the later 2004 - 2012 RX-8 13B rotary. Just wondering if anyone had programmed a Speeduino for this engine before. This same crank sensor is used on some Suzuki 1600 engines like the Suzuki Sidekick.

If not, what is the procedure to introduce a new CAS Software decoder? Are there any guidelines on doing this? I have done this for other ECUs but I’m new to Speeduino.
Yes, that is the same as the RX-8 CAS. I don't see a reference to TDC on Cyl #1 on that drawing but I'm hoping that the Speeduino software can be configured for TDC reference point (?).

Thank you for the reply, I'll get a bit more familiar with the software and come back to this if I get stuck.
I think I got this from one of the rx8 forums. Will this help implementation of the wheel decoder for this engine?

Also can speeduino drive the Renesis's 6 injectors and 4 ignition coils?

I know Sequential vs batch fueling/ignition depends on the # of timers vs # of injectors/ignition coils an engine has to run. Does having only 3 banks of 2 injectors each help with a potential sequential setup or am I understanding this all wrong?
RX-8 trigger wheel.jpg
RX-8 trigger wheel.jpg (90.71 KiB) Viewed 1328 times
Keep me posted. There is a need to controll OMP pump which add oil into combustion chamber. I have 3 engines in garage so I can take pics or measure if something needed. I will also try to run renesis with speeduino. Just waiting to come from ebay.

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