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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
By Timus
It's already there :)
You can simple connect pwm output to water injectors (which to be honest is exactly same thing as pwm solenoid).
Of course it's not sequential but it will do the job.
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By Jaap Struyk
Think I found a couple off bugs (or limitations) and like to confirm those, maybe I am wrong so didn't wanna make a git issue.

- WMI max is 511 kPa which is to low (we have numbers from 650 up to 1000kPa boost)
- In TS when adding the WMI duty cycle gauge it shows 0-100% but the data coming in goes up to 255
- when using "closed loop" the duty cycle data is jumping from what it should be up to max, this is with speedysim with steady fuel duty cycle values and the same 2d map as I use in "open loop"
By Timus
1. 511KPa value is max boost value speeduino can handle, it's not only wmi but boost control as well. Quick workaround would be to use 10bar map sensor and make speeduino think its 5bar e.g. 5bar in config or table would be 10bar in reality.
2. Variable can hold up to 255 but anything above 100 is caped to 100 at output, pwm outputs is only 0-100.
3. Closed loop may need proper offset and tuned table to work in range. You can give me your injector PW, wmi offset and table and I can then check what's wrong.
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By Jaap Struyk
1 - Didn't know the 511 was a Speeduino limit, no problem in the WMI code.
2 - The PWM in Arduino code is also using 255 as max so actually only the gauge readings are off I think, 255 should read 100% which is only a TunerStudio cosmetic enhancement in the ini file.
3 - I tried several offset values but none with a stable result, attached the relevant data.

ps the WMI is working great, really a good job and a big win for the project!
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36-3 (ish) trigger wheel

Thanks again.

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