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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
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By DeeEmm
I posted this bounty up about a month back but have been too flat out busy to follow it up. Unfortunately work often keeps me away from fun projects like this.

So it seems that so far there have been no bites, so I have decided to create this thread and see where things go.

It also looks like bountysource are changing their format, and that from December all unclaimed bounties will attract a $10 p/m fee so I'm keen to get this underway and finished off before the bounty eventually dwindles away into nothingness.

Ok, so here's what it's all about:

Basically I've put a bounty up for the development of water / meth injection, which is something that I would like to see as a core feature. There's a lot of us who run boosted systems and the inclusion of integrated water / meth injection has multiple benefits when compared to stand alone control:
  • Removes the need for an additional WI controller which gives both a cost and system complexity saving as well as potential reliability improvement
  • Direct ECU integration provides direct access to current fuelling requirements / ECU params which allows more accurate metering than is achievable with stand alone systems
  • Direct integration also provides improved safety integration
  • ... which in turn can potentially allow more aggressive tuning
In essence the system should work for both simple on/off style systems as well as dynamically controlled systems.

Generally WI systems in their most simplest form run from a simple on/off solenoid with a fixed orifice. More complex systems use PWM control via a solenoid / injector or pump speed control to provide variable metered output. Generally this is mapped to RPM / MAP in a stand-alone controller.

Integrating directly with the ECU will provide access to the current fuelling requirements which could then be used to provide more accurate metering.

There are already some basic discussions in the following thread which give some idea on how this might look: viewtopic.php?p=27696&sid=b8bb3b6764143 ... 036#p27696

As I am far from an expert in such things, the specification on exactly how this works is kinda open, but just so that there is some tangible goal to work towards, and also as it's pretty daft to ask for something without first defining what that something might be, the outline discussed in the thread above is a pretty good target. Of course if you want to propose a different / better solution or have some other ideas on how this can better work, then that's fine too.

Lets get this kicked off and underway. :D
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By DeeEmm
Just bumping this back up.

Very surprised that there's no bites, initial discussions seemed very positive. Idea seems to have simply died on it's arse. :D

If I'm going about this the wrong way, just let me know.


By panpan
Interesting, and very late to the party on this, but I'd like to see it as an option within Speeduino, as always been interested in this, and having something that is linked to ECU parameters makes a lot of sense in my eyes, and maybe it's a bit like controlling secondary injectors.
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By Kenai
As a recommendation, post the bounty into the Speeduino Facebook group.
a 200 bounty will attract fast!

If you are not on facebook let me post it on it.
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By DeeEmm
Kenai wrote:As a recommendation, post the bounty into the Speeduino Facebook group.
a 200 bounty will attract fast!

If you are not on facebook let me post it on it.
Cheers, looks like it has already been posted, Josh commented that it may get a look at soon :D
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By Kenai
haha, well the person that posted on facebook was me :D , and yes good news he will take a look soon on it!
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