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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
By noisymime
So some months just end up going in a completely different direction to what you plan....

There had been a few things I was looking at getting stuck into with the firmware this month, but pretty much all of them got bumped by really good requests and suggestions from other people. I want to start by saying a HUGE thank you to those who have jumped on board with the bug/feature bounties as they have lead some of the focus this month, hopefully with benefit to everyone.

The big addition this months comes at the request of Mykk, who generously added a bounty to add nitrous control. To this end, 2 stage nitrous output controls have been added. This includes multi-stage fuel adders for dry shot systems, ignition modifiers, input arming pin and all the usual arming filters (TPS, AFR, MAP, Coolant etc). I genuinely look forward to seeing some videos of this in action!

Other than that, there's been a bunch of things that people have requested at various points, so hopefully this should be a handy update for a few folk. The full list of changes are:
  • 2 stage nitrous control
  • Acceleration enrichment now has a RPM based taper. This scales the AE amount down linearly as the RPMs increase, which allows a more useful enrichment throughout the whole RPM range.
  • Auto switching of TPS reverse calibration. If the TPS is wired with the 5v and Gnd 'reversed', then the calibration will now auto adjust for this without the need to change the wiring.
  • Add an On/Off mode for the locked timing option. This means you can now lock your timing at 0 degrees for testing if needed
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the missing tooth pattern running correctly at cam speed
  • Many improvements to the 6g72 (6 cylinder) version of the 4g63 decoder. Still needs more testing on vehicle.
As usual, the firmware can be downloaded from the wiki: https://speeduino.com/wiki/images/e/e0/ ... -Jun18.zip
Or through Github: https://github.com/noisymime/speeduino/ ... tag/201806

So, keep those requests coming and checkout the feature bounty system if you want to help support the project whilst getting your features added :)
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By Kenai
Great! Finally a proper nitro control !!
Speeduino getting better and better as always :)
By stum
Yet again great work.

Only problem now is I will have to get a blue bottle to play with some of those new feature's. Its got to help that turbo that is sitting on the floor get up to boost quicker :)
By noisymime
LPG2CV wrote:
Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:14 am
Hi Josh

Before I upgrade to June release, is another release imminent?

Thanks :)
At this point I'm guessing it'll be a few weeks away at least. I went too deep on some redesign work and am up to my armpits in stuff that needs rewriting. :D
No worries :)

Just like my car I suspect. After a bump that resulted in a rebuild of the rear valance, I went on to refurbish the whole floor. I will make a really tidy job of it, and then cover it with carpet!

However, just like a good program, structure is everything. :D

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By GuruX
There might be an error in the auto reverse TPS.
Mine ended up with something like 239 at zero throttle and 51 at full throttle.
Even if I lowered full throttle to 20, or even 1, tunerstudio would only report about 85% at maximum throttle.

I'll probably just swap my 5v and GND wires.

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