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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
By noisymime
Welcome to 2018! I hope everyone has had a terrific time over the Christmas / New Years period, finding some free hours in the shed tinkering :)

The December firmware is now ready to go and has a few nice little tweaks and improvements. The only major new feature is the addition of the Subaru 36-2-2-2 pattern, which seems to be working well (At least 1 engine running on this already)

For those who may not have seen it, I shot a quick video showing the Teensy 3.5 adapter board in action. Whilst these aren't quite ready for everyday use, they are very close
I'd stress that at this point there's no real advantage to using the Teensy and that the Mega2560 is still very much the primary architecture, but this will simply add another option for anyone interested.

Otherwise on the hardware side, I have dropped a new revision of the v0.3 board, v0.3.7. The only change on this board is the addition of a bluetooth header to simplify the use of HC-05 and similar interfaces. Whilst a minor update, this makes it considerably easier to use bluetooth comms with this board, which is an increasingly popular option. I will look to add a similar header on the v0.4 series of boards, however this will require quite a bit more work due to the limited space available.

As usual, there's been the usual collection of bug fixes along the way. Probably more this month than usual! The list of main changes is below outlining these:
  • 36-2-2-2 trigger decoder added
  • Sync speed on the 4G63 decoder improved. Sync is now obtained within at most 1 crank revolution rather than 2
  • Fix a bug where the Basic Distributor decoder would not work on 1 cylinder engines
  • Fix an issue with the Miata 99-05 decoder that caused erratic timing (Timing prediction was functioning at twice the correct rate)
  • Correctly reset the RUN and ASE indicators to prevent them coming on incorrectly under some startup conditions
  • Fix a bug where the next ignition event would fail to fire if the over dwell correction had kicked in
Given the bug fixes, I strongly recommend updating to this firmware for any existing installs. The firmware bundle can be downloaded from: https://speeduino.com/wiki/images/3/30/ ... -Dec17.zip
By Old Grey
Why not reduce your work load and shut down V3 and make a screw interface board for V4. Someone just has to design a interface PCB, or even a pref/strip board design that anyone can copy them with std materials.

I see a mention of KiCad in the git. Is this project switching to KiCad.
By noisymime
Old Grey wrote:
Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:18 am
I see a mention of KiCad in the git. Is this project switching to KiCad.
Depends how quickly I can get comfortable with kicad :D
Realistically the project outgrew Fritzing a LONG time ago and the fact that development on Fritzing has effectively stalled means that it's a poor choice all round. I've just been too comfortable with it to move.

Whilst I will probably look to move to kicad going forward, I probably will not redo the current boards in it. The effort required would be high and there's not a lot of benefit to it. My goal though is that all new designs I do will be in kicad, again, assuming I can actually figure it all out.

The commit you saw on git was for a new accessory board I'm playing around with (Quad MAP sensors for use with ITBs)
By Old Grey
I'm not a fan because it a step backwards when the views aren't even connected. Basically you pick parts, lay them out, export them, pick footprints for parts, import them in another view, and then lay them out.

FZ you pick the part with the correct footprint at the start, and it's in all views already. They have cracked the compiling problem so things have moved, but because there isn't many high end programmers using it it's going to be a slow process. Also there are project way bigger than Speedy done in FZ, it even surprises me.

I suppose you get used to views that don't talk to each other.
By noisymime
I honestly had (have?) exactly the same feelings about the need for those intermediate steps, but I can see the advantage of separating the schematic diagram, the footprint and the 3d views etc. There needs to be some sort of automation of that whole process, but you do seem to get used to it.

I've had a few cracks at trying to get comfortable with kicad and it's only really been this last week where I resolved to only do this board with it that things have started to make sense. Once you figure out the basics, it's a lot faster to work in than Fritzing. Then there's toys like the interactive router that are simply insane to use.

I really do get where you're coming from, but I think I'm starting to see myself as a bit of a kicad convert.
By DuinoFan
noisymime wrote:
Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:46 am
  • Sync speed on the 4G63 decoder improved. Sync is now obtained within at most 1 crank revolution rather than 2

Thanks for your time and effort on the 4g63! :D
noisymime wrote:
Thu Jan 04, 2018 11:46 am

...I shot a quick video showing the Teensy 3.5 adapter board in action.
That is awesome! I am excited for the extra processing power and CAN bus option this brings. Excellent!
By Robert T Lewis
I am new to this so I realy am only going by the procedure shown.

I down loaded the firmwear and went to the INO file, it opened up the Adrino application ok ,but it fails on verifying .

please point me where I need to go to figure this out

User avatar
Please start a new thread in this General section, specifying the details of the failure so we have an idea what might be wrong. Setting the Arduino IDE for "verbose output" and posting the errors (attach the output as a text file, or wrap the copied/pasted output in Code tags with the icon in the posting menu bar) would help greatly. It's usually something simple, like not setting the IDE to the Arduino MEGA2560 board before compiling.

By stum
Hi All,

About to upgrade firmware in the next few days-week. When is the next version likely going to be released. If its soon (next week or two) I will wait for that. If not I'll use decembers

You are doing great work.


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