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By noisymime
A little late this month due to a few bugs that have taken quite a lot of time to resolve, but the September firmware is now ready to go. The bugs were in relation to the comms system, which underwent a major rewrite this month to not only improve the stability of connections, but also make the tune transfers significantly faster. I know a few people experienced some comms issues with the August release and that prompted me to not only fix those issues, but make some major improvements at the same time.

I've also made a lot of small improvements that are specific to the MX5 / Miata plug and play unit (and MX5s in general). I know this doesn't necessarily benefit everyone, but I do want to make sure these are working really nicely before the units go into wider production beyond just the Beta units.

The full list of user facing changes is below:
  • Better starting with the 4G63 (Miata) decoder
  • Fixed a bug where the fuel pump would not finish priming under some conditions
  • The Miata 99-05 (NB) pattern was rewritten to have better sync on startup and be more accurate
  • The VVT table now has an explicit On/Off mode to make it more suitable as a generic RPM/TPS based control
  • Added a rolling limiter option for hard cuts. This will be expanded and made more flexible over the coming months
  • As mentioned above, significantly better comms and EEPROM management which should be both faster and more stable
  • The unused analog pins can now be selected as general outputs for some functions (Eg fuel pump)
Note: The changes to the comms code required the internal memory layout to be adjusted. The system should update itself when it starts for the first time with the new firmware, but PLEASE CONNECT TO TUNERSTUDIO AFTER UPGRADING TO ENSURE THAT YOUR TUNE REMAINS CORRECT!

The firmware bundle can be grabbed from: https://speeduino.com/wiki/images/1/19/ ... -Sep17.zip
UPDATE: A new version of this months firmware has been released to address an issue with the cycle average MAP method. This would cause the sensor system to drop back into Instantaneous reads, which lead to more erratic MAP values. The revised version can be downloaded from: https://speeduino.com/wiki/images/5/53/ ... Sep17b.zip

As always, if there are any issues found with this firmware, please leave a reply in this thread.

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