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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
By noisymime
Another month, another firmware drop! As is usually the case, there has been a bit of behind the scenes work happening in the firmware that is designed to both increase general stability as well as preparing for some more core changes that are coming in the next month or two.

There's also been a heap more work on the manual, in particular the layout and formatting of the offline manual. The whole thing is considerably easier to read and things like images are sized correctly etc. As always, if anyone is interested in helping out with the documentation, just let me know

As a bit of a side effort, I've begun work to bring the whole Speeduino codebase into compliance with the MISRA C:2012 standard. The MISRA standard is a set of coding guidelines designed by the automotive industry to maximise reliability and safety in software used in vehicle systems.
About half the code is now compliant and I expect to complete this effort within the next few weeks.

So as far as the new firmware goodness goes, the main changes are below:
  • There's now a flex based boost adder that, combined with boost control, allows for additional boost to be added as the ethanol content rises.
  • The ignition table now allows advance values below 0, ie after TDC.
  • The 4g63 decoder has been expanded to work with the 6 cylinder variation of this pattern used in vehicles such as the 3000GT (Eg 6g72 and similar engines)
  • All O2 target values and readouts can now be set in lambda or AFR (Previously only AFR was used)
  • Improved the cranking accuracy of the missing tooth decoder (Better tooth to tooth prediction)
  • Fixed a bug where the WUE and Cranking indicators would remain on if the engine was stopped during cranking
  • Fixed a bug that could force injector timing to be simultaneous on 6 and 8 cylinder setups, even when semi-sequential was configured
  • Added a new updater mechanism that allows for slightly smoother firmware updating. This is all behind the scenes stuff but will reduce the number of warnings that may appear in TS when performing a firmware update that alters some of the data structures
The firmware bundle can be downloaded from the wiki at: https://speeduino.com/wiki/images/f/fa/ ... _May17.zip
As usual, make sure to reload the latest ini into your TunerStudio project after upgrading the firmware
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Wow. What a huge pile of work and your progress on MISRA is just amazing. Kudos!
By neruve
Thank you Josh for all the hard work. To be quite honest the rate of implementation for some of the feature requests is just amazing. I'm very glad I stumbled upon this when I did.
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By kimdrummel
Wow, MISRA compliant code might actually make this project more attractive to more people. Very good idea. Nice job Josh!

Has there been any work on the Teensy side of things too?
By noisymime
kimdrummel wrote:
Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:11 am
Wow, MISRA compliant code might actually make this project more attractive to more people. Very good idea. Nice job Josh!

Has there been any work on the Teensy side of things too?
I haven't looked at Teensy stuff for a few weeks as I've been trying to get a few other hardware pieces in place, which are all now done. The firmware appears to be working fine, but I'm seeing a few hardware related issues, which at this stage look related to the power supply to the Teensy. Things are working, but not everything at once (ie USB stops if 12v is supplied etc)

Hopefully this month I'll have some more time to look at it.

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