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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
By noisymime
Another month, another new firmware ready to go!

February had a huge amount of stability and bug chasing work as there were a number of issues that had crept in with the January release.

The big stable feature for Feb though was the complete closed loop boost control implementation. Whilst boost control has been in the firmware for a while now, it had originally existed as open loop (duty cycle) only. Some work was done a few months back to switch this over to proper, PID based closed loop, but this only really got finished with testing throughout Feb. A big thanks goes out to Dan Sankey and Dwight Charlery for the work they did testing this!

From a development perspective, a big change in February is that the firmware can now be built / uploaded using the PlatformIO suite. There are a number of reasons for this, the most obvious being that it's a considerably more powerful and modern development environment, but the main driver is that PlatformIO is a multi-architecture environment. Going forward it will make building the firmware for other architectures (Eg ARM) much, much simpler.
For those still wanting to use the tried and tested Arduino IDE, there's no problems at all as everything remains fully compatible with that.
I'll be updating all the documentation shortly, but if you're interested I can highly recommend giving it a try.

So those are the major changes for Feb, but nearly as important is the usual list of smaller updates:
  • Nissan 360 tooth decoder completed (4 and 6 cylinder engines). Currently not tested on an actual engine (stim only), but I'll gladly help anyone who is looking to do one of these installations.
  • Added min and max duty cycle limits for closed loop idle and boost (Allows setting valve limits)
  • Boost target is now logged
  • Fix a bug where the pin assignments for boost and vvt could be reversed.
  • Instantaneous MAP readings now have a weak filter applied to them
  • Many small bug fixes
The firmware can be downloaded from : http://speeduino.com/wiki/images/d/df/S ... _Feb17.zip (See below for update)
As always, make sure to reload the new ini file into your project in TunerStudio to ensure it matches your controller.

Just a reminder that if you're looking to support Speeduino's development, you can now buy Speeduino shirts, hoosies, caps etc at: http://speeduino.storenvy.com/
(And yes, before anyone asks, stickers WILL be available shortly)

UPDATE: An issue was found with the ini file causing boost control to not work under certain conditions. An updated firmware bundle is available at: http://speeduino.com/wiki/images/4/4c/S ... Feb17b.zip
Only the ini file is changed in this, so there is no need to reload the firmware, you just need to load the revised ini file into your TunerStudio project.

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