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Any general discussion around the firmware, what is does, how it does it etc.
You have some weird stuff going on in that log. Please include the exact tune file used to take a log, as a pair.

Yes, agreed on all that about hardware testing. But, you can test coils on hardware test if you temporarily insert a ballast resistor into each active coil's power feed, typically just one-at-a-time for testing. Yes, the same big resistors used with old points distributor coils, with the same purpose - to protect the coil from extended over-current and over-dwell.

While not entirely risk-free, it may allow you limited testing for general spark, but is also slow enough to see when it fires (signal applied or removed, firing going high or going low).
I tried Trigger edge=Falling with basically the same results. A next step is to figure out how to view triggers in TS / logs to see how well the sensors are picking up edges. Secondary trigger edge is grayed out in tune I think because the cam sensor goes up for 360 then down for 360. I am still trying to understand decoder.ino, particularly I want to run sequential ignition but the decoder has decoderIsSequential=false. The next step I will probably to try is changing the tune to Single Channel Spark to see if that effects my logs.
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