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By flex-ALE
the cam Bosch ecu on sequentiel mode.
WAG, Mercedes, Audi, Opel,
This is a 4-1 cam
associated with crank wheel 60-2 @ 270°

exemple code on rusefi:
void setVwConfiguration(TriggerWaveform *s) {
efiAssertVoid(CUSTOM_ERR_6660, s != NULL, "TriggerWaveform is NULL");


s->isSynchronizationNeeded = true;

int totalTeethCount = 60;
int skippedCount = 2;

float engineCycle = FOUR_STROKE_ENGINE_CYCLE;
float toothWidth = 0.5;

addSkippedToothTriggerEvents(T_PRIMARY, s, 60, 2, toothWidth, 0, engineCycle,

float angleDown = engineCycle / totalTeethCount * (totalTeethCount - skippedCount - 1 + (1 - toothWidth) );
s->addEventClamped(0 + angleDown + 12, T_PRIMARY, TV_RISE, NO_LEFT_FILTER, NO_RIGHT_FILTER);
s->addEventClamped(0 + engineCycle, T_PRIMARY, TV_FALL, NO_LEFT_FILTER, NO_RIGHT_FILTER);

s->setTriggerSynchronizationGap2(1.6, 4);
By Keitht
GM 60-2-2-2 Cam only trigger.

This decoder has been requested before but the requirement has become more common recently due to a retrofit of this distributor to other engines.

I had considered getting a new trigger disc made to work with a current decoder but the resolution and sync spacing of the 60-2-2-2 at cam speed I think will work better than others.

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By ElDominio
Mitsubishi 3A92 trigger,
Are these pictures good enough?
triggers2.jpeg (105.54 KiB) Viewed 780 times
triggers.jpeg (119.03 KiB) Viewed 780 times
triggercrank.jpeg (91.37 KiB) Viewed 780 times
triggercam.jpeg (92.33 KiB) Viewed 780 times
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Ironduke151 wrote:
Fri Aug 28, 2020 8:40 am
Bruceynz wrote:
Sun May 03, 2020 7:59 am

I have a 6.1 Hemi V8, it has an interesting crank trigger wheel, whats involved in getting it to trigger? Have a look here please viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3905

That 36+2-2 just like srt4 neon
Just for clarification and so we are all on the same page with terms, that wheel would be considered a 36-2-2 (not +). One way to look at this is what Speeduino will see for teeth or tooth edges. The cam trigger two posts back is an example of a +1 wheel (3+1), where Speeduino will see a clearly separate added tooth.

The Mopar wheel in the link has missing teeth in a gap (no edges to sense), and also missing teeth in a solid gap (no edges to sense). So, with no "teeth" to see either way, they are both considered missing teeth without any separate teeth added. 36-2-2. Hope that helps for terms and also how they will work with Speeduino — don't look at the teeth, look at the edges the sensor will see. ;)

Feature request:

Map as second trigger on missing tooth decoder. It would wait a revolution to build up vacuum and then read. After this, the possibility to skip resync as high rpm would probably mess it up :geek:

OR, we could plug the map sensor to the second trigger input, but still the skip resync would be a must for option.
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