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By jrbe
But is this VAG, odd length on one window trigger signature necessary if you can pick the right edge already? Selecting the correct edge with this setup gives you 4 evenly divided triggers.
Maybe I'm missing what you're after but I'm not really seeing the benefit of setting up a specific trigger pattern for this besides knowing which cylinder it's on once it figures out the odd trigger.
I think if you're looking for accuracy you're ditching the distributor crank triggering because of its slop and using
a crank trigger anyways. If the crank trigger / rear main seal setup I mentioned / linked to fits your engine it's a relatively painless way to get accurate timing (but of course requires getting behind the flywheel to install it.) The distributor wheel could be modded to a one window if you need to use it as a cam pulse along with that crank trigger setup.

This should be separated out from the VAG vvt cam trigger / sync pulse that is at a quick glance similar but it's really not. That's a different story, that one is to be able to see what the vvt is doing at a finer resolution coupled with a crank trigger wheel if speedy can calculate it / make use of it for fine tuning vvt or possibly watching for misfires if that's in the cards for speedy.
By Billzilla
Quick side-question - How reliable is the 36-1 system? I'd like to use it on the race engine (Suzuki G13B) , it runs to about 8,000 rpm and has a bit of vibration as there's a lot of weight removed from the crank.
I can run a TDC #1 sensor on a cam easily enough, but I'd like to avoid the extra complexity* if possible.

* If it's not on the car it doesn't weigh anything and can't break.
By theonewithin
That's not suitable at all...

Not enough information to get accurate ignition timing.

You would be better off finding a new flywheel or making a trigger wheel. One or the other. You want 12-1 at least ideally or stick with OEM ignition.
By Bruceynz

I would prefer not to modify the wheel, if for some reason down the track I want to sell the motor it won't run on a factory computer, be nice if it could be configured for speedunio to dectect this trigger wheel.

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