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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By noisymime
OK, so I'm going to have a bit of a quiet week as my laptop has had to go in for repairs and I'm on a severely underpowered ultraportable. So instead of doing anything that is going to require any serious development work, I thought I'd put some time into getting some more decoders up and running.

I'm currently working on the Mitsubishi 4/2 / Miata / MX-5 wheel and should have something for that shortly. Anyone else have any that they'd really like to see working out of the box? If you have any diagrams or scope traces of the signal, that would help immensely.
By raven007
two pulse per revolution for 2 stroke injection (this may already be in there, this is my biggest wish).

also 3 long pulse at 120 degree + short pulse for #1 sync. (kawasaki triple jetski motors use this scheme).

probably not plausible, but a 4 pulse per revolution crank + phase sensor on cam. (think vortec 5.0/5.7 chevy)

I can probably rig a test setup and give you scope trace of the first. I could roughly plot the other two on graph paper and scan it.
By MattG

First post, and im asking for stuff, sorry!

how about the subaru 6/7 crank and cam wheels?

there is some good info on the following page:


I am a new user to arduino's , but engine ECU's are my "stretch goal" , so i was very excited to stumble on your project. Thank you and everyone who has helped, for all the hard work involved!

By saturnfan
Just want to check in real quick since this thread is relevant...

Josh, I looked over your code for the GM7X setup, and everything looks great at first blush. I do not have things wired up yet to give it a proper test, but I hope to in the next couple of weeks. I'll post results then. Thanks!
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By KaxLon
4/2 mitsu/mazda cas is what I use so that's the one i would like to see. I develop a software for the factory mitsu ECU and have a running mitsu GVR4 so i can test new code if needed.
By noisymime
KaxLon wrote:4/2 mitsu/mazda cas is what I use so that's the one i would like to see. I develop a software for the factory mitsu ECU and have a running mitsu GVR4 so i can test new code if needed.
That's the same as the Miata / 4G63 pattern right?
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Based on eventual popularity (and that we are also doing a street twin-turbo 6.0L LS ;) ), the GM LS 24-tooth, and eventually the 58T wheels would be useful additions. As you wisely did the 36-1, my Ford 5.0L turbo work truck is already covered, but I don't know which will be the first test mule for us. Probably the truck. The LS has stock coils (firing waste-spark in pairs) with TC4427AEPAs, and the truck is EDIS waste-spark coil packs using the Bosch 211 quad coil driver, so both will be 4-channel. Both are on the MS bandwagon and due to be on the road in a few weeks, so I'll probably do MS for initial setup and baseline tuning to gather some numbers, then switch to Speedy for comparatives.


PS: Bummer about the timing of all this, as I just pulled the MS from the old work truck a few weeks ago (Vortec 5.7L) and the truck is up for sale. That one has been running MS for over 10 years, with a ton of data and info for comparisons. Oh well. Gotta look forward!
By noisymime
Hey David...

Just looking at the 24X wheels, do these all use the cam sensor as well? It looks like it would be simple to implement with the cam signal but a bit fiddly without it. Not impossible by any means (obviously), but definitely simpler with the cam signal.
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noisymime wrote:... do these all use the cam sensor as well? ...
Yes. Although, it would eventually be nice to run wheel-only if possible (no 1x cam signal for 24T or 4x for 58T), as it simplifies the harness, and runs in 1/2-cycle anyway with 4-channel waste-spark and 2 or 4 injector channels. Much like V8s on the 36-1, 60-2, etc.

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