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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By jbiplane
I used Megasquirt Ecotrons and few Speeduino on small engines and they behave worse than carburetors.
I have clear vision how make happy this category. If someone help me I will full tests and mechanical part
to bring this solution on market.

Valerii Rutkovskii

EFI integrated to throttle body. Mainly for up to 15000 rpm 2-strokes, though 4 strokes and wankels supported
Very efficient power supply to minimize electricity consumption and heating

Enclosure milled alum case with central hole. It is bolted to throttle body by fed screws.
At the center of board located magnetic sensor to perform contactless TPS functionality.
Enclosure cowered by plastic transparent lid to increase range of Bluetooth (wifi) on board.

No wire connector, 2 bunch of wires 500mm long goes left and right of case. Unused wires would cut off.

One side all outputs + Power:
2 ignition channels (for smart coils)
2 injection channels (relatively small injectors squirting about 2,5 ms per revolution)
Hardware regulated PWM pump
Power ground

Other side all inputs:
Crankshaft position sensor
Camshaft position sensor
Fuel Pressure Sensor
Cylinder temperature, under spark plug
Wide band O2 sensor, only for calibration
On/off button wire
Couple of sensor grounds
Map onboard
IAT on board, in cold PCB corner

Very useful functionality is to use existing starter geared wheel without missing tooth and
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