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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By Damouk
I guess a happy medium could be to implement some sort of write counter, this would simply increment every time the speedy was written to.
By Damouk
I dont disagree with what's the above, but it would prove that someone had written to the speedy!? Surly that would be enough.
By Blufires
An easy tamper detection system that doesn't encroach on right-to-repair would be this:
When a modification is made to a tune, an EEPROM bit flips. On boot, the code checks that bit and if it has changed, a 16 bit string is randomly generated and stored in EEPROM before the tamper-bit is flipped back. The string is displayed in the tuning interface somewhere that anyone can see it. As long as no changes are made, this string remains the same, proving that the tune hasn't been tampered with and any warranty (which can't be legally excluded in some jurisdictions) remains intact.

The goal should never be to stop people modifying their tune themselves (there's plenty of other ECUs that do exactly that), but to know if they modified it.
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