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By turboimport95
maybe the relay was just bad i only tried 1, but the ss relay works fine it has built in diodes etc, maybe i was having a backfeeding issue.

another note i noticed the boost control is pwm like the vvt, so it would be possible to use that as a extra vvt. after all it only controls a solenoid dont know why i didnt think of that sooner... :mrgreen:
I believe vvt is digital.

People also use it for the fuel pump.

Supply 12v to the relay, and connect the ground from the relay to the vvt pin. Connect the high amp from the relay to the cam actuators.

When the conditions you set in TS for vvt are met. Both cam actuators will work from the one relay.

You could use boost for FP, if required. :)
By turboimport95
only if the vtc is the same on both solenoids, for exp honda k series has 2 vtc one is a cam phaser that retards and advances timing, the other changes the lift of the cam. you couldnt run both together off of 1 relay., they would have to be separated outputs. because they need to be activated at different times, but if you had like a vtc on both cams that acted the same way you could though.
Sure. Just re read your first post, and realise I've mis understood your meaning of clone. You mean clone the code, but different variables :)
By turboimport95
yeah if we could just copy the original vvt and clone it to have a vvt2, like in the drop down menu vvt1 then right under it a vvt2. separate out puts etc, but the same code copied in 2 sections would be sweet. guess we will have to wait and see if it will be done etc. :D
By theonewithin
Like I said I am pretty sure the Mega2560 doesn't have the processing power to do another output such as VVT.

You will be waiting a long time as closed loop is being worked on.

If it was a sine as copying current code but changing the outputs etc it would have been done from the beginning.

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