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By choperhead
Bleeker wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 12:41 pm
Nice to see that somebody else is interested in CDI systems.
Heres a good source of information:

You can even find a source code in C on this page for PIC16F

There is also a interesting DIY project which I assume is based on above informations:

I have actually built such a transmic CDI, but I´m struggling with the programming of the PIC.
A Arduino based MCU would make things much easier.

So if you have a Arduino code I could plug a Arduino into the transmic board and test it on a bike. But unfortunatelly I can not contribute much on the programming.

here you have some souce code i found today in my email acount if you wont to dig. Coments are in spanish :) :)
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By tobbera
Do you have the possibility to publish some information on DC CDI circuit design? Would be very helpful.
choperhead wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 12:00 pm
I tell you something.
More than 10 years ago I worked at an electronic manufacturing company
which produces cdi ignition boxes for quad motorcycles nautical and gardening engines.
I worked as a development engineer. I had the opportunity to develop more than 50 products like this.

This was done with PIC microchip type 12F and 16F (8bits 4Mhz clock ... and in assembler) ...
It worked and was accurate enough.
The AVRs even more ARM have much more power and resources to do this.
That is why I can say that it is possible to do so. Not because someone told me. But because myself
I did it more than 50 times, 10 years ago, in aseembler, with 8bit and 4Mhz.

I wil go to find documentation of this years, and i wil share with yours if you want.
I started to read the arduino code, and i started to undertand...I never program an arduino before.
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I found this PDF some years ago, which has some interesting info for background. However, I must bear the bad news that with the ongoing development of standard IDI, CDI for most uses is actually a step backwards today.

Sure, it was the Holy Grail for many years beginning in the 1960s when it could replace points (Kettering) ignition to solve issues such as high-rpm spark energy, power to fire their short and sharp sparks through oily 2-stroke fouling, etc. However, today's single and multiple coils with controlled fueling with EFI means they do better with the fat and longer burn of IDI for almost everything even to extreme rpm. Some systems have had multi-spark IDI since the 1990s, and maybe we will have that feature in Speeduino one day. :)

Anyway, do what makes you giggle, but know for most applications it's no longer the better choice… for most. ;)

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