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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By Ilotalo
Is it possible to get delay for that deceleration activation. I don't like that it goes on when i shift gear.
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Another different point-of-view: Delay may work for you, although it does not work well for me. I need predictable torque change on decel, and a delay causes the torque to randomly change after delay, perhaps into a turn or other maneuver where torque change part-way through is a bad thing. How I get around this on gear-change is simply to hold throttle steady, or perhaps lift throttle but not to completely closed, then punch the clutch in and out as quick as I can while throwing the gear, and back on the throttle again if I'm not still in it. The result is a much smoother power transition on shift (up or down), without DFC, but I have instant DFC when I go full decel. 8-)

This is a common shifting method in racing known as speed-shifting, and is easy to practice just driving to work at low throttle. I bet it will only take you a few minutes to get the feel of it, and it may become your new standard way to shift in any conditions. Personally, I prefer to hold whatever throttle I have in it, and usually do not lift at all. This works WOT or just cruising.

Finally, Speeduino has an optional shift feature (Flat-Shift) that holds whatever the rpm is when you engage the clutch, and can be very helpful tuning your speed-shift gear changes. Hope that helps.

By Ilotalo
I didn't notice that. My friend say me that while he drove my car.

But that is pain in ass when i drive in traffic. I'll test that delay or min kpa when activete it.
By Ilotalo
I don't know has anybody else using speeduino in daily driver. I'm struggling whit that DFCO. I have tweaked that DFCO code. DFCO hits on/off in light cruise.
- if warm up is activated don't allow DFCO
- under 30 sec from start don't allow DFCO
- 3 sec delay to activate DFCO

Tweaked DFCO code
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static inline bool correctionDFCO()
  bool DFCOValue = false;  
  if ( configPage2.dfcoEnabled == 1 )
    if(!BIT_CHECK(currentStatus.engine, BIT_ENGINE_WARMUP) && (currentStatus.runSecs >= 30) ){ // If engine is warm or 30 Sec from start allow activate DFCO
      if (( currentStatus.RPM > ( configPage4.dfcoRPM * 10) ) && ( currentStatus.TPS < configPage4.dfcoTPSThresh )){
        if (millis() > DFCODelay ){ DFCOValue = true; }
        else{ DFCOValue = false; }
      else {
        DFCOValue = false; 
        DFCODelay = millis() + (int) 3 * 1000; // 3 Sec delay to activate DFCO
  return DFCOValue;
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By pani
Good morning

I use speeduino in my daily driver MX-5. I do not use DFCO. Runs just fine. Make sure your TPS threshold is high enough that it does not trigger all the time. Why do you need DFCO anyway? I'm curious.
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Ilotalo wrote:
Thu Dec 05, 2019 11:59 am
… I'm struggling whit that DFCO.
Ilotalo, please post your settings and a log of the issue. Offhand, it appears you have a very low rpm threshold, and a very narrow hysteresis.

If there were additions to DFCO in code, I would say that a MAP Threshold setting would be very useful in order to determine the engine is actually unloaded and at a minimum level of deceleration, e.g., 27kPa or less. Having used systems with that combination before, the thresholds of TPS and MAP, along with rpm mean it does not enter DFCO except when truly decelerating, and at the level you choose. Also, with a MAP threshold, the transition in and out of fuel cut (torque change or engine braking) can be tuned very smooth. With the tuning of hysteresis, it then does not shuffle in and out of fuel cut.

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