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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By ujibd
Same As AFR safety viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2048

but from oil pressure (AUX input)
if oil pressure < 30psi (user input) && engine speed > 2000 (user input)
ignition cut == true

so the engine will not pass 2000 RPM if oil pressure below 30psi (example)
that will be very useful safety feature i think :D

its been great experience using speeduino since late 2017
awesome development. keep your awesome job. this community getting bigger and bigger

Thanks, for the other side of your world
sincerely+62 people :D
I am waiting for this feature.

The most mechanics in my country use FuelTech in projects and say it is an indispensable protection feature to protect the engine, along with fuel pressure that could have the same oil pressure principle.
fuel pressure ≤ 45 PSI && engine speed == 2000 RPM
ignition cut off == true
I'm about 1 year studying the project to apply to the car

and I wish these resources were together with the ECU
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I wouldn't wait for the feature(s). Options are many, from using a temporary Hobbs switch (the standard for decades), to using a GPIO for many functions like this, configured when you want it to respond, to what, and how.


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