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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By warhead
Hi Josh and Friends!, first, I want to congratulate you again for your work.

I'm curently working in a external traction control combined with Speeduino's launch control . This device (Arduino Nano) measures forward and rear wheels speeds and calculates slip percentaje. It contains a %slip/speed map that pulses Speeduino's launch control input when certain %slip is reached. This lowers engine's power by retarding ignition and obviously lowering slip and improving traction. They are two independent systems, so, syncronize them is a hard work.
If this improvement were integrated, would be more controllable, more accurate, faster, programmable in TunerStudio and will bring to us a lot of new options in future.

So..Would be great to have an speed input (VSS).

Speeduino could acquire these features in future:
- Speed logging
- Boost control by speed.
- Nitrous control by speed.
- Launch control by speed.
- Speed limit.
- Transmission control by speed.
- Limited Slip / Traction Control by speed.

There are a lot of features that can be implemmented after this improve.

What do you think? Would be possible?.

Thanks to all!!
Traction control I don't see happening.

Really need DBW for that to work effectively and Speeduino will never officially support it (Josh Made a DBW controller and decided they are not for him at all).
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In-theory it's "easy", though I couldn't say how "easy" integrating the functions would be into Speeduino, however it's doable now with GPIO. Think of it like a 'super' version of your Nano. Input almost anything, output almost anything directly. VSS is assumed in GPIO for functions such as transmission control, so all of that other stuff should fall right in there.

GPIO was developed by @dazq for things related but not fully under ECM control (or wanted there), in order to leave the ECM as clean and simple as-possible for reliable and least-complicated operation. Most modern systems use the same concepts, so it may be worth look to get all the stuff you want (and how you want it) without waiting for Speeduino to evolve it. ;)

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By Broke4speed
theonewithin wrote:
Wed Oct 23, 2019 1:26 am
Broke4speed wrote:
Wed Oct 23, 2019 12:36 am
I would like a VSS input just to have a working speedometer, lol.
Can be done already. Look at the AUX inputs on the wiki
Perhaps I'm blind, or searching on mobile misses things...but the wiki doesn't say anything about Aux inputs except that the mega can take some. I don't want to add a gpio into the mix, and I am not using the second input of my VR board (batch jnj), so a VSS option would be cool. My VSS reads off a tone wheel in the diff, and is VR.
The inputs can be repurposed for whatever you need.

They can't "do" anything.

But they can be displayed and logged.

Follow the instructions and check things out in TS.

Oh and the wiki is junk on mobile. Get on a PC.
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By Broke4speed
Ok, so setting up the custom input isn't difficult, and creating the TS gauge is cake with the editor in TS...but will speedy freak out if I use the cam input in a custom channel instead of the fueling/ignition calculations?
By warhead
Thanks to all, i've been looking for how megasquirt reads VSS and does traction control. Parameters needed are these:


I will try to code something like that, but first, with only a VSS input and then see if it is useful. If i get something will show you.
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