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By 69 Spitfire G10
Sorry if this has been requested before, but a dual tune setup would be insanely useful for people like me using Speeduino in their only car.

My car has a Geo Metro engine (G10) in it, and they get about 50 mpg
When you turbocharge them, they make up to 220 horsepower, but you need to switch tunes because you need to run richer

Would it be possible to add multiple tuning tables that can be switched between without using a laptop?
Something like a hardware switch, that when its grounded makes it run tune 1, when its not it runs tune 2?
or anything that allows me to run a switch that changes tunes (afr and ignition)
By pazi88
You can have both good mpg and high power in same tune. Selection between those two is made by your right foot ;) Switching tunes for that is useless.
By ric355
69 Spitfire G10 wrote:
Wed Jun 26, 2019 8:40 am
When you turbocharge them, they make up to 220 horsepower, but you need to switch tunes because you need to run richer
It's a common request and there are at times good reasons for it to be possible. Based on your example though I don't understand why you think you need two tunes. Either it is turbocharged or it isn't, and you can't switch that on the fly, so why do you need to switch the map on the fly?

Obviously, any tune you produce will need to handle the on-boost and off-boost areas but this can all be done in one tune.
By Kommando
In formula 1 its a mix of different maps and also allowing the driver more discretion on the use of the harvested electric energy if say they have someone behind. The maps on the petrol side govern fuel usage, as the race progresses and they get to know if total fuel on board has a good safety margin to get them home then they select maps that give the more power and use more fuel.
By ric355
LPG2CV wrote:
Wed Jun 26, 2019 1:46 pm
What are Formula One cars doing when they turn up the power?
They are doing lots of different things; some we can guess, so we can not. Raising the rev limit, altering the fuel, altering the timing, changing the balance between harvesting and delivery from the battery, altering the balance of harvesting between the MGU-H and MGU-K. And other stuff I haven't even conceived of. An F1 car is a completely different animal, what with it being a hybrid and having a fuel flow limit, and whose purpose is singular in nature. So it isn't really comparable with a turbocharged Geo Metro engine (I don't even know what that is!) that used to do 50mpg, where you would turn up the power by applying more throttle, and you would enable eco mode by using less of it ;-)

Like I said there are some good reasons to have dual maps. e.g. a less advanced map for coping with low octane fuel (jn lieu of a working knock sensor), but this particular requirement does not seem to need it.
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This dual-table or dual-tune question comes-up a lot. If the previous explanations (and fuel Tuning section of the Wiki) of how you can run multi-mode properly on the same tables is not answering your issues, then do a simple example set for us. Open TunerStudio and fill two sets of tables to post here as examples of your dilemma. As others have outlined; your example setup would not typically warrant multiple tunes or tables to run well, and would be handled in one multi-mode tune as-described. If you do not agree, then make the examples to illustrate your perspective, and post them up!
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By 69 Spitfire G10
My car is not yet running, I am taking the word of a turbo Geo Metro owner
I havent asked him what the exact difference is between the tunes he runs, but he has described them as a low and high power tune (100hp and 225hp)

Im thinking hes targeting richer AFR with his power tune, and leaner AFR for gas mileage possibly, though I will ask him for more specific details and update this with what exactly is changing.

I will look into it further now and figure out if its still a good feature request.
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By 69 Spitfire G10
My brother looked into Speeduino code, and he says on fly tune switching may not be fesible. On the fly really isnt that important but id love to hear the official view of it.

"The differences between tuning files are less aggressive ignition mapping and reduced injection mapping combined with lower boost pressure.

Years ago on Teamswift there was a crazy Latvian guy who built a device he called a "chip switch" that allowed him to install 2 eeproms and switch between tunes for the GT cars. He sent me one and it was super slick. You could push a button at idle and the unit would pretty seamlessly switch between the 2 tunes.

On my GT-ized vert I run a Moates' chip extender. I can install any tuning eeprom I want into a ZIF socket mounted just under the dash. It only takes a minute to swap it out. Way easier than pulling the ECU every time." -t3ragtop

This is his explanation of why he needed dual tune.
So it sounds like I was about right that he had needed different fuel map targets and timing.
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