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By bugster_de

while toying around with Speeduino code, I was somehwat all over the place in various ino and h files doing my mods and features.

Wouldn't it be handy to have a user-.h and a user.ino file, where modifications go?
I fancy:
user.h is included in globals.h
user.ino offers a bunch of standard functions
void user_1hz( void ) /called from main loop every 1 secon
void user_4hz( void ) //called from main loop if BIT_TIMER_4HZ
void user_15hz( void ) //called from main loop if BIT_TIMER_15HZ
void user_30hz( void ) //called from main loop if BIT_TIMER_30HZ

int8_t user_correctionsIgn(int8_t base_advance) //called from somewhere inside correctionsIgn

byte user_correctionsFuel( void ) // called from somewhere inside correctionsFuel()

void user_Communications( byte data ) // called from inside command() everytime a command is received, that isn't treated by Speeduino code itself.

This would allow users to integrate their code and easily stay on latest firmware releases

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